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Never Stop Reaching

The dreams you have are not as far away as you think they are.

I get many e mails and I struggle to get through them at times, I got this one when I came home and it kind of blew me away, I thought I would share it here but take out the names but just to say thank you, you make and old man smile :)

"Hi Mike, you don't know me, I am new to Google+ but my husband has admired your work ever since he joined Google+ about a year ago... I'm still learning how to drive this thing, but just felt compelled to let you know how much you have inspired my husband to really place his emotions in all his shots and I don't think you realise how much you have actually helped new photographers like my husband to really find their feet. He's a truck driver and only just picked up a camera less than 2 years ago now...his growth has been phenomenal. I hope to support him and his passion for photography by understanding where he's coming from and now I can see why he loves the google+ community so much...there are just so many inspirational people on here, right at your fingertips. Thank you for your beautiful posts, poetry and for everything you've done for my husband...even if you didn't know it :D

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