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Natural Ponds Lakes & Streams by Spring Creek Aquatic Concepts
We Create Paradise * Waterfront Property Consultants * Natural Swimming Pools / Ponds * Trophy Fishing Lakes & Streams
We Create Paradise * Waterfront Property Consultants * Natural Swimming Pools / Ponds * Trophy Fishing Lakes & Streams

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From our home to yours, wishing for a very Merry Christmas!

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Winter brings it own quiet beauty to a lake or pond. This is Emerald Lake in Yoho national park, BC Canada. It is a very popular lake to photograph in summer. We enjoy seeing this new winter perspective.

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Would you buy fishing flies from a homeless lady? This would make a terrific last minute Hanukkah or Christmas gift / stocking stuffer for the fishing addict - even if you have to give a card and deliver the flies later. If you purchase, let us know how they fish on your local pond or lake.

This may not be a fishing tip, but we really liked what Anglers Addiction from Pueblo CO is doing here.
Debbie is a homeless woman who comes into the shop to tie flies so she can earn some money. We give Debbie a hand up and now she is tying down to size 30 parachute dry fly. Please support Debbie and order some flies tied by her. Anglers Addiction donates the material for Debbie and she can pay her direct if you wish. Anglers Addiction shop number is 719-296-5886, Debbie comes in everyday to tie flies and she is now getting really good with foam flies and emergers.

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It's Winter, aka the Pond Ice Skating Season! but oops! you now live in sunny Florida or the tropical Caribbean and you grew up ice skating up north on the lake in the back yard! No, we can't make warm ice, but we know some people who can help you out with synthetic ice that even allows you to ice skate in the house. These "skating ponds" may not be made of water, but they sure can be a great substitute for places where people spend Christmas on the beach!

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Make America ( and the world) Smart Again!
Here is one of the best Hanukkah and Christmas gifts for children to help them embrace science as fun instead of that difficult school class.

We grew up way back in the 60s when the space race encouraged science among children. Long before science was the boring class in school it was fun at home with the Gilbert Chemistry Set. We know this is why we embraced science in school. This was also an important building block in the scientific success in the pond , lake and stream creations we enjoy today.

Smart children are not simply born that way, they are encouraged by thoughtful families and friends. A simple chemistry set like this C1000 model from Thames and Kosmos will entertain children this holiday season as well as set them of for success in life. Give this gift to kids as early as 8 years old. We are giving this gift to kids in our families

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Can there be a better way to enjoy every moment of waterfront living on a pond / lake? Trail cameras are usually employed to find big game, but this gentleman set his remote "wildlife photography studio" up by a natural pond that attracts wildlife day and night. What a great way to enjoy nature's wildlife and wildflowers while we are away at work

We hope some of you do this and share your remote experiences even if it's from backyard fish ponds. Did we ever mention we love wood ducks?

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When searching for the perfect trout fishing river , pond or lake there are just a handful of elements to look for: temperature, oxygen levels, sunshine, water chemistry and stable flow regime. Yes these are elements that spring creeks possess, but there are larger rivers that also blend these attributes into stellar fisheries. The Bow River in Alberta Canada and the Deschutes River in Oregon are such rivers that provide for trophy size rainbow trout as well as brown trout. In this case there may one more magic element at work: the genetics of the rainbow trout are likely a long lived fish that allows the rainbows of the Bow to compete with the browns instead of being displaced by them as we see in too many rivers. This is not the genetics of a hatchery "kamloops" that had its qualities diluted for decades. Don't be fooled by that label if you buy trout fingerlings.

Looking at this image, one might guess this shape of trout fattened up in fertile lakes or ponds. That would be a good guess, but the Bow doesn't have a reservoir. The river itself holds the magic habitat. So how does one find such rivers or even decide where to fish on local rivers? Yes you can collect piles of travel brochures or links, but researching maps, government water quality, climate and hydrology reports will tell you the real story. One can learn an amazing amount simply by reading a topographical map. One day we may public an ebook about searching waters for trout if there is enough interest. In the mean time we suggest you spend part of your off-season researching to see if you can find hidden springs in lakes or magic fishing rivers like the Bow. You could also just give Paula Shearer a call. She looks like she knows a few things....

#trophy   #trout   #fly   #fishing  

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One of the smallest lakes on earth is actually a pond formed by an artesian spring This is Little Crater Lake in the Mt Hood National Forest in Oregon.
The color is accurate. With sufficient depth dissolved minerals in water provide distinct hues of deep blues to aquamarine and green. It is all in the blend. Visit the Ponds Lakes and Streams Community to see more posts like this.

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To really learn about how a lake or pond functions , one needs to start with the right terms. Plants that root under water and emerge above the water line are called emergent plants or sometimes emersed plants. The term marginal plants came from the hobby pond industry. If you keep using "marginal" you will never learn more than the hobby industry knows about the ecology of lakes and ponds

This is one of many test plots we maintain to understand the minutia of how natural habitats work.

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