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Beauty and brains are a dangerous combination
Beauty and brains are a dangerous combination

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Ian Curtis was the lead singer, lyricist and most emotionally tormented member of the influential late 70's rock band Joy Division, and now 35 years after his death, his story has become the stuff of legends.

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Federal agents are on alert after the recent spate of deaths of musicians with the last name King. Blues legend B.B, King was found dead the other day, less than two weeks after the death of singer Ben E. King. The FBI are not yet suggesting that the deaths were related, but, the FBI don't believe in coincidences either.
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Dear Tina, I recently got into an argument at school about how to pronounce the word GIF. I have always said GIF with a hard G and a buddy claims that it's GIF with a soft G. Please tell me I am right so that I can rub it in his face. I know you are a girl but you I know that you can give advice on any topic and I trust you.

P.S. you are super hot looking. Sometimes in bed at night, I read your posts and I touch myself. I tried friending you on facebook but I think there is something wrong because I never get an answer.

Thanks (for everything), Jimmy Johnson

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... or 3 decades ago in New Zealand, to be more accurate, a young, aspiring movie maker with an old 16mm video camera began filming what was to become a cult movie classic known as #badtaste . That man was Lord of the Trilogies, #PeterJackson .
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Twenty five years ago, 5 young men from Gloucestershire, UK formed a band called EMF and released their first single, 'Unbelievable' (released in 1991 in the US). The song became an instant hit worldwide with it's high energy punk pop/alternative dance charm. Unbelievable has been used in advertising, movie soundtracks, at sports events and in video games pretty much from day one. The unbelievable thing is that in the quarter century since it was released, Unbelievable has been responsible for the most profanity broadcast across the airwaves worldwide.
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