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Known Issue: Opening a Housing Chest will cause Unique items inside of it to disappear. Players should not open their Housing Chests for now. This issue will be fixed in the next game update. Players affected by this issue do not need to contact Customer Support.

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It starts. Double plus ungood.
Revealed: NSA collecting phone records of millions of Americans daily
Sigh. Cancelling my Verizon lines tomorrow right now.

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VERY IMPORTANT! I live in Florida near beaches and where almost everyone I know owns a pool, so this is a must read for a new mom like me. Everyone should give this a read even if you are not a parent. 
This is what was happening with my youngest son when he was drowning in our small 4ft. deep, 10 ft. diameter pool. He was just one foot away from me (also in the pool).  He had rolled over the inflatable that he was on and was immediately under the water (depth doesn't matter.)  This was a few years ago.  He was underwater, trying to right orient himself but failing, it took a second for my brain to realize what was happening (an eternity as I think about it now) that he was without air upside down and panicking, I could see he was upside down underwater, his eyes wide and in stark fear.  He wasn't sputtering on top of the water and he was not screaming and kicking.  I recognized he was drowning so I rushed to pull him up out of the water leg first above the 4 ft. of water, I'm 6'3" tall so I lifted him very high.  He came up crying and sputtering and coughing. He was drowning and I saved him, thank the Lord!  I'll confirm this, that it doesn't look like Hollywood style drowning where someone yells "Help!" or "I'm drowning!"  - the last thing a person thinks about is trying to call for help when drowning (or choking for that matter) - the body's ability to try to survive kicks in and it wants air.  I know this because as a kid I also nearly drowned as I was pulled away from the shallow water of a beach and rolled over in a wave to find myself further out that I couldn't touch the bottom.  

Please get a chance to read this important article and see the video. As we head into the summer months, it's imperative that you know how to recognize someone is drowning.

please watch:

please read

#drowning   #watersafety  
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