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Performance Based, No Risk Digital Marketing
Performance Based, No Risk Digital Marketing


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Our own Chuck Topinka had a Quora answer posted to this week.
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Typical day at the office...
Local Ads Gone Wild
We just had a situation that was a little tough to negotiate with Google's targeting settings. How do you advertise locally in an area with a huge population of hotel guests? (Hotel guests are not good prospects for the services being advertised.)

Celebration, Florida, has a 2010 population of 7,427. If you look in Google's location targeting though, you'll see a reach of over 3,000,000! The best we can figure is this is because Celebration is home to a few popular hotels for Walt Disney World and all of those annual guests add up.

The trouble starts when you are trying to advertise a home service in Celebration. A lot of these hotel guests seem to search for things for their homes while they are on vacation, causing ads to trigger and a lot of clicks that are way out of the location target.

So what did we do? We split Celebration into two campaigns. One handles the zip codes outside the hotel area and is a typical local targeted campaign using location targeting for people in, searching for or viewing pages about the target location. The second campaign is targeted at just the hotel areas and uses location targeting for people searching for or viewing pages about the target location. People physically located in the hotel area are not targeted.

The unfortunate side effect is we potentially miss out on people in the hotel area who are searching for generic forms of the keywords (those that don't signify location intent). We're measuring results now, but the only other solution would be thousands of negative keywords for every location we can think of.

Based on historical results, this change should save at least a few hundred dollars a year on advertising and possibly a lot more. It also results in better quality visitors so the overall ROI should be better than just the ad savings alone would indicate.

Does anyone have any other ideas or experience with similar situations? Please let me know your ideas or what you did differently.
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We've increased our master negative keyword list again.
Never underestimate the searcher!
Going through the search term reports today I came across this jewel:
"sh[censored]y hotels in odessa tx"

Pretty sure the person doing that search is not looking to book a hotel. So now a new set of negative keywords emerge (not fit to print in a family G+ area).
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October numbers are in... 54,977 quality visits delivered to Web Visit Store clients.
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