Nexus 4 kernel 003 Beta 5:  (HUGE UPDATE)

Added Intelli_plug.  Intelli_plug is a generic ARM SOC cpu hotplug driver.  This is a COMPLETE replacement for Qualcomm's proprietary m(ake)p(oor)decision.  Intelli_plug has built-in Eco Mode support (Eco Mode is a optimized dual core solution for quad-core SOC like the Qualcomm S4-pro.  This should allow for Maximum battery life without sacrificing performance).  Because intelli_plug is a generic hotplug cpu driver, it will work with ALL CPU governors from conservative, ondemand, interactive and intellidemand and Eco Mode is available for ALL cpu governors as well!!!!

Updated Bluetooth Drivers
Updated to latest Google Interactive Governor
Updated USB EHCI drivers (should DRASTICALLY reduce msm_hsic_wakelock)
Added Lower Voltage table for those with "faster" bin CPUs
Added CAF tweaks to reduce battery consumption and increase performance!
Tweaked OnDemand CPU governor to play with Intelli_plug
Tweaked Intellidemand CPU governor to play with intelli_plug

Enjoy and have FUN!
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