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Capricorn Sun, Gemini Moon, Pisces Ascendant, Neptune in 7th H Virgo--Ruling Planet. 5th H Leo Pluto conjunct Pallas Athena
Capricorn Sun, Gemini Moon, Pisces Ascendant, Neptune in 7th H Virgo--Ruling Planet. 5th H Leo Pluto conjunct Pallas Athena
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I don't know Spanish, and the translation has flaws.  Is the article saying that the ancient ancient Assyrians (Sumer?) 64,800 years ago had such accurate Astrology?  Why does it seem that Babylonia came up with their system 5000 years ago?  (Is it possible to answer in English?)

All you need is love….
     As I was jus’ saying, since squares and oppositions may be experienced as CTA’s (calls to action), the activity may be with another person or within one’s self, as integrating the ogres, and learning how to love “them.”  Asteroids Tris and Isolda, Cyllarus, implying Hylonome (who like Juliet chose death to be with her Beloved),…and Guinevere who has just passed Pluto, and both melt together briefly as the Moon crossed them both in the first chart diagram in the first Grand Cross post for Apr 20.  
     Remember Guinevere? King Arthur’s Queen who fell in love with Lancelot while still loving Arthur. Love theme abounding.  She’s the crown glyph conjunct Pluto exactly at 13-degrees Capricorn.
     We’re looking at meanings of infidelity and wrong values too—part of the growing pains towards learning how to love, nor can we forget lust.  However, after helping to dismantle Camelot, she wished she had behaved differently and lived the rest of her life as a nun, so we’re looking at potentially greater Spiritual Love.  I mentioned this possibility also in Jupiter in Cancer where it is exalted.
     On the other side of Pluto is the Asteroid, Okyrhoe, daughter of Chiron—how fine is that!? She was a prophetess who was turned into a mare because she told what would happen to her father and about his death.  (Much like another Asteroid, prophetic Kassandra, who was never believed).  
     Blending Pluto with Okyrhoe and Queen Guin, some prophetic Astrologer might imagine something adverse England’s beloved monarch, or that Astrologers’ trumpets of the Grand Cross will reach ears insistently.  I prefer not to go that route.  I don’t keep up with all the news, and I like to use Astrology for helping a person uplevel feelings, purpose, values, and Spiritual Path, whatever that might be.
     Pluto, Okyrhoe, and Guinevere are about transforming and being transformed — Persephone, prophecy, a mare, a nun — all about humans seeking some level of transcendence.  Pluto led to Persephone becoming a Queen, not just of the Underworld, but of her own Unconscious.  One can see she moved up on the inner Realms.
     Re the cosmic nature of this, please note Sarah Varcas’ article on Cosmic Satori,,
     The opposition from Jupiter adds expansiveness to this vista — perhaps suddenly with the square to Uranus, and the conjunction to Cyllarus, who was changed to his spirit self in a twinkling, and no one knew how.  These planets and aspects emphasize the strong possibilities of accelerated epiphanies — Meditational break-throughs, or feelings of intimacy with the global human spirit.  The window is available.  The dynamic beckons.
     At the time of this publishing, the rare squares of the larger Planets have hit their degree tightness, and I’m receiving reports of
~ strongly increased connubial conflicts,
~ angst around desire to move to support father and daughter, but increased compelling to stay at current job with even more money,
~ breakdown of plans to have a book published for daughter’s birthday, but publisher giving no heads-up that it ain’t gonna happen.
~ steady ideas support flowing through me since Moon conjuncted Okyrhoe and Pluto, on through now, resulting in these three posts.
     What’s been occurring in your life?

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First the Blood Red Moon…NOW the Grand Cross!
     I had a good time with the blood red full Moon on a Jewish feast day.  Jesus did not come back, but then there are three more blood red Moons on feast days to come, so in the meantime I’ll be happy with the fact that I had hours and hours of steady ideas pouring into my head.
             Pluto \ Moon  (Apr 20, )
     This diagram is a typical simplification of the notorious April 2014 Grand Cross at sort of the beginning of tight degrees.  but here’s what it looks like with the color of the very small planets:

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Astrology Courses, Astrology classes, and Spiritual Astrology

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"That I feed the hungry, forgive an insult, and love my enemy... these are great virtues! But what if I should discover that the poorest of the beggars and the most impudent of offenders are all within me, and that I stand in need of the alms of my own kindness; that I myself am the enemy who must be loved? What then?" -Carl Jung

Carl Gustav Jung (/jʊŋ/; German: [ˈkarl ˈɡʊstaf jʊŋ]; 26 July 1875 – 6 June 1961), often referred to as C. G. Jung, was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist who founded analytical psychology. Jung proposed and developed the concepts of extraversion and introversion; archetypes, and the collective unconscious. His work has been influential in psychiatry and in the study of religion, philosophy, archeology, anthropology, literature, and related fields. He was a prolific writer, many of whose works were not published until after his death.

The central concept of analytical psychology is individuation—the psychological process of integrating the opposites, including the conscious with the unconscious, while still maintaining their relative autonomy. Jung considered individuation to be the central process of human development.

Jung created some of the best known psychological concepts, including the archetype, the collective unconscious, the complex, and synchronicity. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a popular psychometric instrument, has been developed from Jung's theory of psychological types.

Jung saw the human psyche as "by nature religious" and made this religiousness the focus of his explorations. Jung is one of the best known contemporary contributors to dream analysis and symbolization.

Though he was a practising clinician and considered himself to be a scientist, much of his life's work was spent exploring tangential areas such as Eastern and Western philosophy, alchemy, astrology, and sociology, as well as literature and the arts. Jung's interest in philosophy and the occult led many to view him as a mystic, although his ambition was to be seen as a man of science.His influence on popular psychology, the "psychologization of religion",spirituality and the New Age movement has been immense.

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Seeing the Shadow and integrating, or giving Love yo yourr benighted Shadow, the darkness, is what Astropath Astrology teaches as part of how to have True Living.

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What you see, or think you see, has a deeper  explanation.
What happened? Really fantastic!
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