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Nice combination. Would wear this.

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Please share as much as you can. Maybe one of the connections will have access to the same people this little boy wants to meet.

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I will be still and know You are God!

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So true!
Call for tech writers to stop disparaging Google+ and its users! Please +1 and reshare this! +Engadget has decided in their great wisdom to hire writers that dismiss +Google+, and insult its users. Writers like +Andrew Tarantola, who write for such blogs as +Gizmodo, and have little to do but be dismissive and make snarky comments simply because people didn't find him interesting enough to circle him. < That is their problem!

These writers never established a large following, because Google+ is about engaging conversations, rather than reposts of tech articles and easily obtained likes. We have to earn a following. So, people like +Andrew Tarantola get upset because they never pass more than 100 followers, while people who are otherwise unknown, build circles of thousands. So, they write about Google+ and its "2 users," as a means of coming to grips with being so uninteresting.

Think about that for a minute. +Google+ has not failed by any stretch of the imagination. It is a very successful and vibrant community, and I think all the B.S. tech writers are dismissive because they want it easy; they don't think they need to engage or communicate with their readers. This is about people wanting the status quo to continue, as it is easier for them to wrap their head around facebook and twitter because those networks don't require further engagement with real people, other than contests and cheap advertising tricks.

I for one, am tired of it. I think we should all be making sure to get the message out that Google+ isn't going anywhere, and it is time for these tech writers to get with the program, or learn to write without making snarky dismissive comments about platforms that they failed at because they are not interesting enough.

Lets show these tech publications, blogs, and even +Sergey Brin and +Anil Sabharwal that they need to take Google+, and all of its users more seriously!

Thanks to +Charise Strandberg, who happens to have 30k more followers than +Andrew Tarantola (Who has less than 100).

Hello Apple Community. I'm a former Iphone user and current Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owner, BUT I'm seriously considering a move back to Iphone thanks to the larger screen option. Should I purchase now or do you think it would be best to wait until the Iphone 6S plus or 7 (whatever it will be called)>

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Aliyah Curry
2nd period
Essay Question

Essay Question 1:
There were many examples of dehumanization’s that happened from each story i read and watched. One scene in the movie ‘’ The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas ‘’ the mother questions her husband saying ‘’ how can you ‘’ and her husband responded ‘’ because I’m a soldier. ‘’ The meaning behind this was the mother had just found out the meaning behind the burning fuels that had a foul smell. This was a complete shock o 

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Good info.
This is good to know! We throw our ripe bananas in our smoothies and bake flourless banana bread or cookies with them.
#bananas #healthy #fit #emmasfitwraps   #emmafrancis  
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