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Glitter, love and sunshine.
Glitter, love and sunshine.

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Catrice's NEW Mascara and Ombre lipstick
Every half a year, Catrice and Essence comes out with new products. That's on top of their Limited Editions.  It's almost that time again, the time when old products get discontinued and new ones take their place. If you don't know what I'm talking about, y...

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Why Serums Must Become a Part of Your Beauty Routine
Written by Sophie Smith By now, you’ve probably heard of face serums, but you might not know exactly what they are, and how to incorporate them into your beauty routine. Do you even need them? Is this just another overpriced product that essentially does no...

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Catrice Strobing Gel Highlighter “PRÊT-À-LUMIÈRE”
You know, I am late. Like two months late to this "highlight everything" party.  But I really want to talk about this product. Not because it's Valentine's day related, but because it makes a difference. To me.  STROBING GEL HIGHLIGHTER Radiant Skin. The ge...

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Hipno Fit Planer - S planerjem do preobrazbe (navad in) telesa
Tokratna objava je namenjena vsem, ki imate težave z motivacijo in voljo, da bi "končno že enkrat odložili sladkarije in zdaj pa zares začeli migati". Tako je, tudi tebi. :) Hipno Fit Planer LE KAJ JE TO?  Tudi jaz sem se isto spraševala, saj sem videla le ...

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Essence We Are
Essence came up with a friendship love themed collection that just hit our store shelves.  "we are … friends forever!" we are in love with the friendship – are you too? then celebrate with us on valentine's day all your unique friendships. a your perfect-bf...

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New in: January 2017
January is my birth month and this means that I spent waaaay too much on cosmetics. I mean, of course, I'll survive but looking back - I could do with some items less?  But I am happy with them anyway and I'm slowly digging trough them. Also, I am back to w...

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My HUGE Skincare Routine
My last update with my skincare routine was more than three years ago. Yes, that's right, THREE years ago.  It's time to finally show you what I'm using now that I'm trying to avoid aging or at least postpone its effects on my skin.  Skincare routine  My sk...

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My favorite (Korean) matte lipstick that lasts the whole day!
The matte lipstick craze has been going on so long that they aren't even fashionable anymore . I mean, they are getting replaced by glossy, multi-chrome lip glosses.  But I am not a fan of sticky hair (because inevitably it would get stuck on my super gloss...

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Review: Innisfree IT'S REAL SQUEEZE MASK Strawberry
I love sheet masks . I truly do. I find them to be a cheap and quick boost for your skin. Today I'll be talking about the Innisfree It's real Squeeze masks.  Innisfree IT'S REAL SQUEEZE MASK Strawberry Review Get supple and translucent skin with the strawbe...

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NOTD: Trend it Up UV Powergel 040
It's been a while since the child brand from DM - Trend it up came to Slovenia. And I couldn't be happier because it's another great and inexpensive brand which means that you can play with many products even when on a low budget! This time I was testing th...
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