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Richard Blaine
An armed person is a citizen, and unarmed one is a subject
An armed person is a citizen, and unarmed one is a subject

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I've been listening to a weird mix recently Lots of Lindsey Sterling - Like This: and this and this Which led me to this And This

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Corporate suicide is on the rise.  When a corporation commits suicide, it's a long slow death.   It starts by supporting ideologies. Those ideologies come either from the University or the push to Globalization.  The current globalization efforts depend on ...

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I think I get it.
I've said any number of times when talking about the left, one of their major traits is projection.  They jump at any chance to call you a racist, homophobe, or... well, there's now a long litany of insults they use to dismiss you as unworthy of considerati...

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Trump Derangement Syndrom
It's been kind of a laugh watching the totalitarian collectivists that make up the Left have a total meltdown since the election.  I'm less amused by their destructive tendencies.  This is what happens when you steep children in a self-absorbed entitled and...

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Hollywood Award Shows
Never again.  Never. Never. Never. Again. Well, it seems that the trend started at the Oscars so long ago will continue until no one watches as Hollywood pats themselves on the back for raking in the big bucks and paying themselves millions.  I don't begrud...

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Supressor Information
This data is subject to change as I either do my own testing or I find errors and or better sources of data. This was compiled to allow me to answer questions about reports that silencers may become more available under the Trump administration. For measure...

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I wasn't going to do this - but for the love of God.  Twitter, and now all the media are flapping about Meryl Streep and her fabulous speech at the golden globes. "It was typical: We're so enlightened, and you all are so stupid and vile.  I thought her open...

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NYT Lies again
I could probably do a post a day about the lies told by the New York Times, but it's just too frustrating. I think it would a remarkable achievement if they managed to produce a single issue with no blatant lies or obvious misrepresentations.  Reason Magazi...

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Politcally Correct Bigoteers
The most obvious thing about progressives - or the Regressive Left - is that they are bigots - bigoteers* in fact.  They start by separating everyone into groups based on color, sexual orientation, and occasionally religious affiliation (although only with ...

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John Kerry - Antisemite
John Kerry - Antisemitism Incarnate As the self anointed Political Elite shatters against the shards of their broken bubble, the deep seated evil that lurks inside each and every one of the Regressive Left is showing. I wasn't sure Obama was a racist until ...
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