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Konodo Ho
line 7
column 10
Gus K
1 second.
오른쪽 밑에서 다섯번째줄
seventh line from up right side
its there at the right side i got it just in 3 sec
Zay Zay
I found it in three Sec.
+Wang Kelly I am disappointed that you would keep this awful little post going. I thought it was finally gone. Lets all try something harder.

I have changed one digit in Pi to one million places... Can you figure out which digit is wrong?


Good luck,
You know what I found?  A freakin eye ache quickly followed by a headache.  Can I share those?
Cool found it .. Less than a sec! People check out my posts!
Ok so it is only to 401 places not 1 million in case anyone was counting. But still a better challenge.
Was that supposed to be a challenge? O.o
wow that was way easyer then i thought it was
David M
found it! not even a minute
Yep got it! plus very boss eyed now!
yes ..very simple...i can give you trick to get it fast
Not one guess at my challenge yet... For shame.
yar its so easy right side 7th colum
hey.... i found it.... interesting.
i found it in 5 seconds
i found it in 2sec,7th row 10th column
i think i got in six or seven seconds
I found it the same place I found it a few days ago... ignore...
I think it took me two seconds and a half. Only a matter of luck?
It would have been more difficult to solve if you used a D instead.
i found it like sraight away becouse i have seen it before
8seconds:Line 7 Column 10 in the right part....
Found it in less than a minute! Yipeee!!! :-)
i dne it wid d help of my right eye on the right side in the 7 row in 10 colm
this type of pictures should just say please, pleaseee share...
yea i found it
How many more times is this going to be posted/shared?? Give it a rest and come up with something different/unique at least. Is you're life that boring that you have nothing better to keep repeating over and over.....
7 rows down 10 from the middle. found it in 5 seconds..
The c is in the 2nd part ,7th line . I found it in 3seconds
Took less than ten seconds even from the small touchscreen on my phone...yawn
Right column, 7th row down, 10th letter! 22 seconds
getting sick of the "If you find it, share" posts. Make a lame challenge post to troll your way up What's Hot.
C : exactly the first thing i saw before read the note !!
Wow wat a post fkin a kids game grow da one who posted and da followers 
Why do we have these facebooky things on G+???????
niloO B
I saw it before read the note!!!!:^)
Found it in less than a just pops right out at ya!
row 7, column 36 from right
Not fun when there are spoilers giving it away!!!!
Its at the second ones! The seventh row
+Sid Nileshwar because they have nothing better to do, they follow each other like lost sheep. We certainly don't need the crap on here from Facebook.
10 across 5 up on right hand side

Found it in like 3 seconds! it's very very easy
See above challenge in comments.
In 5seconds i fount the C
i found it in about 2 seconds...
found within 2 sec.. its in 2nd column's 10th column 7th row...... got it??
Found it in like 7 hours and 3 mins. Man is my boss gonna be pissed....
Right hand side 5th row from the bottom to the top tenth letter
I can't found it for a few second
I almost found it straigte away seriously I did really see it strait away and I don't mind if u don't believe me I know the truth and no one can take that away from me memories last the longest and I remember seeing it
There is no "c", I searched it. any one can help me....hehehehe
I've ordered pizza and turned off my phone. I'm going to find this C if it's the last thing I do..... Wish me luck.
i did it in just 5 seconds!
two sec tht was easy who ever couldnt fid tht had to be stupid
+cienna ciampi they had to be stupid?? Have you seen you're appalling spelling?? Now who is stupid? You need to think before you speak......
oh I can't it for find becas all of is makes a circle
its to easy! i can fonud it in 0 sec. only!!
There is no C, but there are many many O's
I see a L and and U, possibly a 12 but no c
Stared at the C immediately. Prob 3 seconds 
row no.10, 2 paragraph last5th line
i found it
Nem Nu
I found in 2 seconds just above R
you gonna eat that c (     .__.      )
(Rubs forehead twice) add me to your circles
Found it! 7th column of the right side! 
i found it in 5 seconds only..
Ali rm
first looking
i found it tooooo. yeeeeeees
Took me under 10 seconds.  Is that good or bad then?
Found it in 2 secs....whats the record?
10 seconds
Found it almost immediately, must have been lucky with that!
If people would learn to typeset these so the line with the letter is NOT longer or shorter than all the other lines, it wouldn't be so freakin' easy to find it!
As soon as i drop my eyes on it....
10 Seconds, is it normal?
i find it is in line no. 7 column no. 10....2nd side
yeah i have found it in one minute
Now imagine this challenge if it used Courier New instead...
+Ded Jezter it would have been funnier if you had changed the first digit to 2 :-)

And the original post would be somewhat original and amusing if it had no C at all.
I found it after about 1 second!  Good idea though!
i found 'C' in "Try to find 'C' in 1 minute"...
+Ded Jezter I believe that after:
you replaced the number 0 with number 1
#nice  :)
Try to last 24 hrs on google+ or facebook without seeing a visual trick like this.  If you see one, +1 this comment :p
Aw, this isn't hard? I thought I was smart for finding it in three seconds. =(
There's a trick to do these types of things, it involves going cross eyed.
One of the lines is always shorter than the others so it takes a split second to find.
i did not faind it and never will....
16th from right, 5th from's easy
Sarah S
Yeah, I can't find it :(
tuck me 1+minits ino i no im slower but look it ok i gessing its like a FCAT test humm fas-anted 
yes i found it in time, maybe cause my name starts with a C.
Found in less that 10 seconds....
I found it in like three seconds. Accidentally, though.
Guess who feels stupid?! Meeeeee!
Ummm. Who are you....?

-Zoe :)
It's a public post and a free country!!!! I'm who my profile says I am? 
I'm kinda creeped out and slightly scared...

-Zoe :)
Found it, what happens now?
right paragraph (or whatev it is), 6 O's down, 9 O's right
7 down
10 across
hope this helped:D
right block
7 down 
10 across
Finding the "C" at the most logical place: above the picture!
right column,
7th row, 10th column from left. Took me 5 seconds to find, 5 seconds to calculate cell number :)
Did you mean 7th row and 16th column?
Looks like that C is not appearing to me :P
+Kevyn Sparrow Nope, but you have one of those numbers correct.

+Patrick Weaver You are correct that there are no patterns in pi, but your guess is incorrect. Multiple number is a row are not uncommon in pi, but they don't repeat the same way.
For example: (See bolded numbers below)

3.14159265358979323846264 33 83279502 88 41971693 99 3751058209749 44 592307816406286208 99 8628034825342 11 706798214808651328230 66 470938 44 609 55 058223172535940812848 111 745028410270193852 11 0 555 96 44 6 22 9
Found it in 2 mins yaaaas finally!!!! :D
To:Sagarika banerjee.. yeah right u are problebly trying to get attention it is impossible to find the c in 1second :0

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