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Mens #Beauty and #Health: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly! + #giveaway!

I get so jealous that men don’t need to wear make-up or worry about curling their hair. My husband’s “Get Ready” routine is easy! A shower, brushes his teeth, irons his outfit, freshens up with a quick spray or two of cologne and finalizes with deodorant.…

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The best #homemade #CinnamonRoll recipe, with the icing #recipe included! SoOo #Yummy!

My favorite cold sweater weather is officially here, Yay!!! I absolutely love fresh homemade cinnamon rolls, hot cocoa or warm coffee with the firewood crackling! I found a great recipe that makes delicious Cinnabon copy-cat rolls that melt in your mouth.…

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6 #Healthy #Snack ideas for your #Halloween #Party!

Trick or Treat! This weekend my family is hosting a Toddler Halloween Party full of children with endless energy. The little ghosts and goblins will be searching for snacks to fuel up their metabolism. I gathered 6 healthy Halloween snacks that are yummy…

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#OliveGarden Copy Cat #Recipe! #Grilled #Chicken #Flatbread

One of my favorite appetizers, which could be a meal, is the Olive Garden grilled chicken flatbread. It’s so delicious and I’ve figured out an easy copy-cat recipe! There’s not too much to it, you can purchase the ingredients at your local grocery store…

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150 #LowCalorie #Banana #Muffins for #breakfast & #snacks

    I love a quick on-the-go easy meal! My mornings can be a bit wild: showering a toddler and infant, ironing their outfits, quickly shaking up a formula bottle, getting my 3 dogs outside, refilling dog food/water bowls, helping my husband find a…

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#Toys for #Infants - #Christmas is almost here! #holidays #amazondeals #mommyandme

In our little house, we have a 6 month old infant. Our baby Zachary is currently teething and full of random bursts of energy. There’s so many great products that help sooth them during the teething phase, but what about the rest of the time period? What…

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#Fall #Fashion for #Moms & #Toddlers! 🍂☕🌲

I love living in Southern California, but…it would be so nice to experience the rest of the seasons other than Spring and Summer. We rarely get to enjoy any cold weather, therefore our wardrobe needs to be extra creative with all of the cute fall fashion…

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#fall #bucketlist, great #datenight ideas!

I love the fall, cold weather, hot cocoa, knit hats and warm hugs. My favorite time of year is definitely the colder seasons, filled with pumpkin spice, candles, wood crackling in a fireplace and a home that smells like freshly baked treats. There are…

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Swirly #Monster #Cupcakes made by my #Toddler! #WAHM #KidFriendly #Halloween

Sonny (my 4-year-old) and I decided to make cute swirly monster cupcakes out of a Funfetti cake box. We usually make our own homemade recipe but he was so eager to buy the box at our local supermarket, so we decided, why not? Less mess & more memories.…
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