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My favorite quote:
"We trusted [the NSA] because they are charged with security" for the U.S., a RSA executive told Reuters. "  I wonder if JPL's mandatory security training would help?  We could send a link. 
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Ed Gamble

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"Our idea is to put the living and the nonliving worlds together to make hybrid materials that have living cells in them and are functional"
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Ed Gamble

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Somehow I got 'Somalia' or at least that is what everybody tells me.  Ah, actually got Japan (where my wife is from and where my kids were born; truth be there).
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I luv this and ur looking good
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Ed Gamble

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This SOOO cracked me up!
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Ed Gamble

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Well congrats but… ~35 years ago, as a HS Chemistry student, I wrote a term paper on Controlled nuclear fusion was only 10 years away back then.
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"The U.S., for all its love of weaponry and abundance of snow, has never won a medal in biathlon—the only Olympic winter sport in which U.S. athletes have never stood on the podium."
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Ed Gamble

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Old-ish, but good-ish.
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Ed Gamble

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Just 'raw funny'
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Ed Gamble

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_"There is a Dutch zoo that wants it, but the Danish zoo says that
the Dutch zoo does not have standards for animal care that live up to Danish standards, and that it is better to be a dead giraffe than a Dutch one."_ stated by a Danish friend of mine perhaps as a ribbing to the joint Dutch friend of ours.  Poor giraffe.
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