Happy July 4th through 31! Five full-length fantasy and sci-fi e-books all FREE all July only at Smashwords in formats for Kindle, Nook, Apple, PCs, etc.
BLUE DAWN JAY OF AVES is a traditional sci-fi novel about Blue Dawn Jay, who learns that humans are colonizing his planet, and Kate, a human biologist investigating the mysterious disappearance of colonists. Free using code SW100.
SHRINKING NUTS CASE is a noir-tinged detective/fantasy novel told by private-eye Jake Simon. He doesn't believe in trolls, elves, talking cats, magic or marriage, but all that begins to change when he wakes up two-foot-six and not his usual six-foot-two. Use code SW100.
THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD; EARTHLY FANTASY/SCIENCE FICTION SHORT STORIES is #1 in downloads at Smashwords for epic length fantasy and short story collections.
SECRETS OF GOTH MOUNTAIN. Powerful Johnny Goth returns home to Goth Mountain to try to save primordial forests and secrets threatened by ancient evil and by human greed and hate. Prequel to:
GOVERNMENT MEN. An unlikely team of DOD scientists and engineers races to save Earth from alien-caused apocalypse by recruiting an impossible assortment of powerful allies. Find Government Men at:
At the bottom of the page under “Also by This Author” are links to the remaining books.
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