Welcome to the Kitchen Counter gang

If your name is on the list below...
- ... you are invited to tag ALL your Foodies+ posts with #nomadkitchencounter (as the last line of the post)
- Kitchen Counter provides a "select version" of foodies+ making quality posts more accessible in more ways
- you can check it out by clicking Best of Foodies+ in our foodies+ community page (& then choosing the "Most Recent" tab to get it chronologically)
- your posts will also appear in our Foodies+ App (see below)

- Please help spread the word on our app.  At the end of ALL your food posts, in Foodies+ or in your own stream, cut & paste the lines below:
NEW: Read my food posts in an app here: http://goo.gl/8KERd in beautiful magazine format (the Google Currents app works for android, smartphone, iphone, tablet, ipad.  Details here: http://goo.gl/Zca6W). 
Please help us with this for 1-2 months.  After that, we should have enough subscribers to sustain the edition without this advertising.
Example Nomad post: https://plus.google.com/113953592758896789108/posts/1kuxG7P2Wsg
Example Azlin post: https://plus.google.com/104466367393245909954/posts/cGi8dsQoYhg

The Kitchen Counter gang:
+Lisa Watson Lisa Watson / France
+Andrea Desperatehousecooker Andrea Desperatehousecooker / Italy
+Anne Ricci Anne Ricci / Spain
+Paul Binns Paul Binns / Country roads, take me home
+Rajini Rao Rajini Rao / India, US
+Sylvie Sullivan Sylvie Sullivan / Remote territories
+ada parisi Ada Parisi / Italy
+sushmita pandit Sushmita Pandit / India
+Karin Frauenfeld Karin Frauenfeld / Indonesia
+Nicholas Ross Australia
+Loretta Sebastiani Italy
+Cuisine et Cigares +Michel REIBEL France / Australia
+maria nasir Pakistan
+Balvinder Ubi Canada / India
+John Nelson Spain / USA / Cosmic

and, of course, the foodies+ moderators: +Sally Weatherley +Mee Ming Wong & +Azlin Bloor .

Thanks for your support of foodies+
Bon Appetit!
-- nd
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