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Reasoned Realists win

I hope/think this is tongue-in-cheek. It does adequately mock the misguided end game of the "Occupy" crowd.

"Jobs was one of America's most cutthroat corporate CEOs, as responsible for our economy's collapse as any banker, oil company exec or Wall Street trader."

"Whenever I want a new App or a new song from iTunes, I have to pay an additional fee. Thankfully I can afford these luxuries, but what about those less fortunate? If Apple's digital reign continues, our neediest citizens will be left behind, further increasing America's disgraceful equality gap."

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The pyramid will be so successful companies will produce triangle videos to take advantage of that sweet screen.

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The last word in daily deals.
Maybe daily deals aren't dead: Google Offers just launched in Austin, Boston Washington D.C., Denver and Seattle.

Is anyone using Google Offers and have feedback? It was launched after Google failed to acquire Groupon ... which is now having troubles of its own.
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