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Boycott Adobe
Its time to teach them how to respect their own products and communites.
Its time to teach them how to respect their own products and communites.

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It also worries me that Adobe is running out of ideas for their photography-related products. Their “big features” are, at best, incremental improvements. They are certainly not exciting enough to drive millions to subscribe to their cloud subscriptions. Their biggest idea, sadly, seems to be cloud-based subscriptions.
- Trey Ratcliff (A very famous photographer with millions of followers). Read the whole article.

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Celebrating the launch of Adobe Creative Cloud, here is the list of FREE alternatives to Photoshop. 

Lets start looking for alternatives now, before its too late. Adobe is going to be more & more greedy, so its better that we have some alternatives so we can kick Adobe out of our lives. This company doesn't deserve to be in the market anymore.

Please share which one is your favorite Photoshop alternative.


#Adobe  Creative Cloud apps are out now. This rent-a-software deal is here to squeeze out more money from you. If you are rich and idiot enough or you have no choice but to subscribe to this crap, go ahead, Adobe needs lots of money to pay their highly expensive C-E-Oh.

Pay hundreds of dollars for years and when you end your subscription, you own nothing.

#Shame   #Disrespect   #NotCreative   #Loosers   #Boycott

Are you a developer, designer, photographer, etc? Which tools of Adobe do you use? Tell us your story of disappointment with this company, and what pissed you off the most from the recent actions of +Adobe?

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For those people who were trying to justify the absence of Flash products from the Products menu on Adobe's site. Here is another example of their shamelessness and their ever growing horrible attitude towards Flash and its community.

See the video below couple of times, and try to find any Flash Pro / Flash Builder /AIR/Flash Player/Scout icon in the whole video. This video is about Creative Cloud overview and released after MAX 2013. There are other small products in the video, but Flash products are no where to be seen. Even the Bridge icons was there in the video. WOW!

Now, my dear community fellows, how would you justify this one? Coincidence? I call it BULL**IT, and I have only one thing to say to Adobe... GO F**K yourself! #Flash   #Adobe  

What is more shocking than the departure of +Kevin Lynch from +Adobe is the news of Mr. Shantanu Narayen taking over Kevin's responsibilities as well apart from being the CEO of the company. Now, you can imagine what he has done with the company being just a CEO and CTO as well. Such talent is very rare in the world and only someone as capable as Shantanu can pull it off. C'mon mr C-E-Oh and C-T-Oh, you can do it, you can finally shut the whole company down with your vision.

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Must read article for Flash/Unity developers.

6. Customer service. Over the 3 years I’ve been developing with Unity I’ve been very pleased with their customer service. I’ve always had prompt follow up and been treated with respect regardless of the fact I’m a single developer.

Unlike #Adobe , who treats their own community developers like dogs barking outside their big palace. #Flash  

Creating a product/platform is easy, but creating a community who uses that product and platform so passionately takes ages. #Flash  community has one of greatest minds in creative field today. One of the best communities of developers on internet. But due to the stupidity and lack of vision of +Adobe leadership today, community is suffering a lot. Its nothing but incompetency of Adobe for not being able to serve the community well. 

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If you really want to verify how much +Adobe respects #Flash  community, just go to the link below, and you'll see how community is discussing the future of Flash Platform and expressing their issues, doubts and uncertainty about Adobe's intentions. The best thing is that you won't find any single reply from any Adobe guy in this discussion, #Starling  is a project which is officially supported by #Adobe  but still they don't bother to read what community is writing in the forums. They assume that we are like dogs, barking outside Adobe's palace. #Disrespectful   #Disgrace   #Disregard   #Shame  

When we say we love #Flash , that doesn't mean we hate #HTML5 .
Companies like +Adobe are threat to freedom of choice of technologies on internet. Just to sell their crap new HTML5 tools, they are pushing everyone to use HTML5 for everything and start moving away from #Flash   #AIR  so that they can easily shut the whole platform down.
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