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Hello my G+ Friends!

It's been awhile since I've mentioned it, and wanted to remind all that we are having the America by Rail Photowalk with +Cassius Wright and +Jordana Wright! Let's show Cassius and Jordana how wonderfully hospitable we are here in Portland!


3pm Saturday, June 2nd!
Meet @ Pioneer Square.
End @ 6pm @ Le Bistro Montage ~ 301 SE Morrison Street
Rain or Shine.

We are going to begin this epic walk in our own wonderful 'living room' of Pioneer Square! Please see map for general route information ~

Once we collect ourselves we will head towards SW Park Ave. to capture some urban/green/parkspace shots as we migrate south towards Portland State Uni. The park should offer up some wonderful opportunities for People/Portrait/Architecture shots and whatever else y'all come up with while walking!

We then head down bustling SW 6th Ave. transit corridor for some more core-downtown shots (bring your tripods and dark glass for some long exposures :) Then we head through the former occupy encampment area that has just recently been reopened to the public, before heading over the Hawthorne Bridge.

Exiting the Hawthorne Bridge will place us right in the East-Side Industrial District, and then we head towards MLK (either on the elevated Hawthrone or below) before meandering back to the Esplanade for some downtown/river shots.

We then head for food and drinks @ ~ Le Bistro Montage ~ they do not take reservations, but are expecting our group. They also have a bar if there is a wait for seating, or if you'd prefer to get a drink and mingle with other walkers...

This walk is rain or shine folks, come prepared!
This IS a pet friendly and family friendly event.
(No pets in Montage though...)
Parking can be obtained at many parking decks in the downtown core. I'd personally recommend taking free transit to the square or parking at the end and walking to the start.
Confused? Need help? Send an email or post a question in the comments or tweet us @ Can't make the whole thing? No prob. Pop in, pop out, tweet us to see where we are at!
America by Rail Portland Walk Page


cc ~ +Brian Matiash +Jeffrey Yen +Brian Rose +Christopher Germano +Nicole S. Young +Patricia Davidson +Gary Randall +Michael Hatten +Nick Nieto +Lars Gustafson +Jonathan Liles +Nathan Smith +Brian Bonham +Steve Eshom +Aaron Hockley +Ryan Zeigler +Dennis Rivera +Luca Gandolfo +Tawni Henlin +Craig Pifer +Tana Teel +Angie Smith +Angie Person +Lee Gochenour +Christopher Knight +Daniella Ayala

I'll tag more folks in comments it keeps jumping the screen all over the place...

PS ~ please cc folks in comments to alert them to this, I find it a good way to get us all in-the-know :)

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I'm sending this little cutie over to bid you a good evening +Lee Daniels Skippers are known for their abilities to clean house, do the dishes, and take the trash out, so put this little fellow to work. They are very good at administering kisses too and there is nothing like a sweet butterfly kiss:)

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quantum mechanics changed everything, 2011

inspired by this quote:

Possible is a type of real. Could be is real. What I hear is real, no doubt about it. If it's conceivable, it's real. But Whitecoat thinks there are some things that are real, and some things that are not, and that he knows better than anyone else.

But quantum things can be here or there, or even here AND there, a combination of possibles, existing in the realm of the very small, but real. We simpletons try to pin a thing down, measure it so small that it can't escape, make it 'fess up to being here OR there, make it give up every claim to its freedom. But who says that's real? You've cornered it and compressed it, and stuck it in a little box. It's no longer what it really was. It's no longer real. It's simplified and ideal. Now we can conceive of it, measure it, hold it, know it. But it's no longer real.

~ Bonnie Rozanski, Banana Kiss

#antiart #mailart #dada #fluxus #art #yes #awesome
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M5.6 and 5.9 in the middle of the ocean south of Tasmania. I find this of scientific interest since earthquakes are rare here.

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I must say I am really surprised as to whats happening with my coop. Its been active for a touch over 24 hours and I have received tons and tons of feedback, information requests, partnership requests and signups.

What is surprising me is that I expected a lot of new marketers who are struggling for traffic and people still trying to learn the ropes of marketing to be the ones most interested in this coop, what I am finding is exactly the opposite is true.

I am getting contacted by major business owners and corporations asking about this coop. Its blowing my mind completely.

Granted this isn't a disappointment, but had I expected this I would not have made the price so affordable for the everyday marketer and the new marketer.

Still though, it is opened to all and I hope some of the first time marketers realize the value of what I am offering :)

Let me ask you this, when was the last time someone said to you, I am going to send emails to over 250,000 people advertising your site, and that is only the start of the marketing you will receive for your $100?

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It was amazing news: Chris Hedges, Revolution Truth, et al won their lawsuit last week as a judge ruled that indefinite detention violates the Constitution. More than 50,000 Demand Progress members have signed on as supporters of the lawsuit.

Now indefinite detention is back in President Obama's hands: He can tell the government's lawyers not to appeal the ruling and end this travesty once and for all. Meanwhile, the Senate takes up indefinite detention THIS WEEK.

Please sign up at right to urge Obama and the Senate to stop supporting indefinite detention

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A look at the top remaining free agent offensive linemen...

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