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Neural machine translation
Exciting times, neural machine translation is now applied for more languages in Google Translate. Sadly not for Dutch yet but all languages will follow.

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While many of us enjoyed some of the products that came from the Google prior to the creation of a single hardware unit, there were times where I saw people asking for unified Google products that took the effort of other teams at Google. I heard questions such as "Why isn't the team working on Nexus not working with [insert another Google team] to do x or y?"

Well, apparently Sundar Pichai is trying to fix this and I think we have seen some of that come to fruition with Pixel. For example, the unification of hardware in Pixel with software ( Android, Assistant, Google Photos, etc).
"In some instances, Pichai’s plan for Google involves not just collaboration, but centralization. In the past disparate groups at the company tackled hardware projects on their own, and the results—such as various Nexus phones, tablets, and media streamers—didn’t have much of an impact on either Google or the market."

With the introduction of a high-end product like Pixel, it's easy to say that Google has forgotten about those outside of that market. However, don't be mistaken, Google hasn't forgotten about the billions of other people around the world without access to technology. Sundar is still a very humble person who wants to connect the world.

"Giving access to technology, computing, knowledge to everyone is something which I’m passionate about," says Pichai, who, in a memorable bit of biographical detail, was twelve when his family got its first telephone—a rotary-dial model. "I’ve tried to instill that at Google, across everything we do."

H/T +Walter Sterling


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Ethical issues with regard to AI
In this blog the author tries to name the top 9 ethical issues. I am missing the aspects of discrimination and freedom, this is a broader issue then the mentioned "racism". Also the last aspect, Robot Rights, is a bit too far away in my view, compared to the other aspects.

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CETA deal signed with still important questions left unanswered.

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CETA looks dead. 
The interesting detail is that without investor protection, CETA would have passed: that's the sole item in CETA where the member states are competent.

No investment protection, no need for all member states to ratify it separately.

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Tesla is about to increase its lead in semi-autonomous driving w/ ‘Tesla Vision’: computer vision based on NVIDIA’s parallel computing

It’s arguable, of course, but third-party tests have shown Tesla Autopilot outperforming other semi-autonomous or advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) from Mercedes, Hyundai and Cadillac by a wide margin.  That, and the fact that Tesla is gaining more real world data in its vehicles than anyone else would seem to indicate Tesla is a leader in the field, if not the leader.

Now we learn that Tesla could be about to significantly increase its lead with ‘Tesla Vision’. Electrek has learned more details about the new program, which is an end-to-end computer vision system built with NVIDIA’s CUDA, a parallel computing platform by the graphics processing unit (GPU) maker.

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Could not resist this

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