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I've never met a mean person. They were only scared.

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Why is this always the case with showers???

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If you want to cuddle more often, make more cuddle invites.

Cuddle invites are very easy and only take a few words. Just say to someone you like, "Come cuddle with me" or "I want to cuddle you." If they respond positively, cuddle them! If they decline, you're free to invite someone else to cuddle.

This whole process, including the response, usually takes less than 10 seconds. The rest of the time can be spent cuddling.

With practice you'll be able to sense the vibe of someone who's cuddle-friendly even before you say a word, so the chance of someone accepting the invite gets close to 100%, and the declines will usually be for logistics reasons or factors beyond your control.

To enjoy lots of cuddles, make a lot of cuddle invites. It works! :)

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