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19 & 20 October: Horizon 2020, Consumers and Money Laundering in #EESC #Plenary

The 520th Plenary session will host a debate on Horizon 2020 with Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation on Thursday 20 October at 10:00 am.

Follow us via web streaming for "A Europe that works for consumers" highlighting opinions on Roaming, Unjustified Geo-blocking and Parcel Delivery. The Session will also tackle Fight against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.
Other noteworthy Opinions that the EESC assembly will put to vote: on Ship breaking, Agro-food supply chains, Involvement of consumers in financial services, the 2030 Agenda on sustainable development and Regular migration to the EU.

Detailed information on EESC website:!Tt86ym*

*All debates can be followed 19 & 20 October via webstreaming:!dW76tM*

*Follow us on twitter: @EU_EESC
#EESC #Plenary

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*13 and 14 July: Brexit, Competition, and VAT in #EESC #Plenary *
Join us next week for the last Plenary Session before summer break.
Noteworthy VIP debates will cover the incoming Slovak EU Presidency with State Secretary and Minister of Foreign & European Affairs Ivan Korčok, the future of European Monetary Union with State Secretary Sandro Gozi and EU competition policy with Commissioner Margarethe Vestager.
The Session will also open with a resolution on the European Commission's work programme for 2017. In the aftermath of the UK referendum, and while discussing the future of economic and social Europe, there is no avoiding an exchange on the Brexit outcome and its possible implications for EU27.
But policy works are still ongoing at EESC, and the Plenary will put several important Opinions to vote and debate, i.a. on Market Economy Status for China under WTO Accession protocol, the Steel industry, digital transformation in the economy and EU VAT Action Plan.
Check detailed information on our website:!QX48Pf  
All debates can be followed 13 & 14 July via webstreaming:!kf94vJ  
Follow us on twitter:@EU_EESC
#EESC #Plenary
Our guests this month:

Statement today by EESC President Georges Dassis on the outcome of the British referendum


"I acknowledge the sovereign vote by the British people and the choice made on this historic day, 23 June 2016. I am deeply saddened by this outcome, but the European Economic and Social Committee and its members will continue to contribute to the development of the European project with determination and faith in the future. United around a more robust Union, I am sure that the 27 Member States will launch the human and political dimension of a renewed European Union: a Union which will guarantee peace and prosperity for its people."

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Everyone likes to pay a fair price for good ‪#‎food‬. But are you aware that the food and the retail industry, thanks to their purchase and sales increasing volumes, do sometimes apply unfair trade practices that are detrimental to the most vulnerable actors - like ‪#‎farmers‬, SMEs and workers?

Is a legislative solution the best way to ensure a ‪#‎fair‬ food chain? What other initiatives could bring about positive changes for a EU food production and distribution system that sets equal footing for all economic operators?

On 22 June the EESC will hold a hearing in view of issuing an Opinion. Details and agenda on our website:!NM66Fc

To be kept up to date with ‪#‎agriculture‬ and #food topics at EESC, follow @EESC_NAT on twitter

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217th Plenary Session on 25 and 26 May

This month EESC receives Joseph Chilengi, President of the Economic, Social and Cultural Council of the African Union, and Neven Mimica, Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development. An important part of the debates on Wednesday 25 May will indeed deal with the future of ‪#‎EUACP‬ relations, a topical subject as the Cotonou Agreements will have to give way to a whole new partnership as of 2021. A related EESC Opinion will be discussed and put to vote on the same day.

Another important ‪#‎development‬ aspect will be touched upon with EESC concrete proposals for a civil society forum for ‪#‎SDGs‬ implementation and monitoring.

Many other subjects of interest in this Session, among which: the ambition to set up ‪#‎decentwork‬ conditions in a globalised world, keeping Europe's social and welfare standards while accomodating for the ‪#‎sharing‬ economy and new forms of ‪#‎employment‬, or securing sustainable ‪#‎foodsystems‬ for a growing population.

On the external relations side, the Plenary will also discuss safeguarding Europe's maritime external borders and the European Neighbourhood Policy Review.

Details and webstreaming on our website:!rr76hD

Follow us on twitter: ‪#‎EESC‬ ‪#‎Plenary‬

Our guests this month:

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During 516th #EESC #Plenary 27 & 28 April, many aspects of a sustainable future will be discussed, with #CircularEconomy and the #EnergyUnion Initiative - but also, how can we build inclusive societies with #RefugeesWork, #FairLabourMobility and increased safety for all via #guncontrol
Follow us Wednesday afternoon and, for the #EnergyUnion debate with Commissioner Maroš Šefčovič, Thursday from 10:30CET
Detailed info:!Mn93bN
 All debates can be followed via webstreaming:!ND33fV
On twitter:@EU_EESC
#EESC #Plenary
Our guest this month:

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Ensuring equal access to mainstream products and services: ‪#‎Accessibility‬ ‪#‎Act‬ stands for the rights of all EU citizens.

Tomorrow Wednesday 13 April EESC holds a hearing linked to its forthcoming opinion on the Commission directive proposal on an European Accessibility Act, which aims at helping people with disabilities at EU level to participate fully in society.

This directive intends to encourage Member States to comply with their national commitments, as well as obligations in the area of accessibility under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Follow the event via hashtags ‪#‎EESC‬ & ‪#‎AccessibilityAct‬ and on @EESC_SOC!vu93rv

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This week at EESC: solutions for sustainable labour migration & successful integration

Recently, with dramatic records from the ‪#‎refugee‬ crisis making the headlines, much attention has been brought to immediate and emergency responses from the EU.

‪#‎Migration‬, however, must also be approached from a comprehensive and long-term perspective for effective management and fair treatment of all migrants, as well as to the benefit of the hosting country.

With this in view, the second edition of the European Migration Forum on 6 and 7 April is all about ‪#‎integration‬, and will use the format of participatory workshops to encourage dialogue and innovative proposals from civil society.

Participatory workshops will address 4 key domains related to migration and integration:
• Specific challenges with regard to low and medium skilled workforce, and opportunities in domestic and care work
• Undeclared work, labour exploitation and decent work
• Access to the labour market and integration for migrants including asylum seekers and refugees
• Importance of the local level in effective integration and best practices

You can find more information and the detailed programme of the forum on our website:!Nm64BQ

Follow @EurMigrForum for fresh tweets during the event and follow the Plenary Session on 7 April from 15:00CET:!Qx68kR

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What has been the impact of the conclusions of ‪#‎COP21‬ on European ‪#‎transport‬ policy?

Today ‪#‎EESC‬ event, 15:00-18:00CET, Van Maerlant Building, VM3. Rue Van Maerlant 2, Brussels.

After the historic agreement reached in the Paris COP21, still significant efforts will need to be made in the coming years to translate the ambitious commitments into concrete action. The sector of transport will be one of the most affected, due to its large proportion of greenhouse gas emissions.

A variety of experts on the field will gather relevant views on this issue and shape concrete proposals to inform the EESC's forthcoming Opinion:!Jp66tr

Follow us @EU_EESC and our hashtags #COP21 and #transport!VW36rM

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What impact on EU jobs & growth of granting Market Economy Status to China? ‪#‎ChinaMES‬
To recognize China as a “market economy” would fundamentally change the way anti-dumping measures on Chinese imports are imposed. This would affect the whole of the European economy, its industries and workers.
The accession protocol to WTO signed by China left the door opened to the possibility of receiving market economy treatment in December 2016. In this context and in order to clarify what it would mean for employment, investment and growth in Europe, the EESC - European Economic and Social Committee organizes this hearing on the subject.
We invite you to join us on 5th April for the event and also to share your views on this topic, please follow the link!CH43dM 
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