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Traditional Catholic by the grace of God
Traditional Catholic by the grace of God

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We have begun a nine hour "crash" novena, to petition that Fisher More college will be saved.  Please join us in our prayer so that we may send up this plea in a large voice to God, begging Him to grant our request.  The novena is not very long, and should take less then three minutes of your time per hour.  You recite the novena once every hour for nine consecutive hours.  Thank you all again for all the support we have received.  We are all very grateful for the generosity shown by everybody.  In the past day we have received pledges amounting to $23,858.  Please continue to spread the word so that we will be able to reach our goal, and allow the college to stay open!  God bless you all for your generosity!  Here is the novena prayer which I encourage you to share with your friends and pray with us! #savefishermore  

Nine Hour “Crash” Novena

Infant Jesus of Prague 
Novena Prayer

O Jesus, Who has said, "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall 
find, knock and it shall be opened," through the intercession of Mary, 
Your Most Holy Mother, I knock, I seek, I ask that my prayer be granted.
(Make your request) 
O Jesus, Who has said, "All that you ask
of the Father in My Name, He will grant you," through the intercession 
of Mary Your Most Holy Mother, I humbly and urgently ask your Father in 
your name that my prayer will be granted. (Make your request, for example: that Fisher More College may receive sufficient donations to remain open, but that whatever is God's will we will all be accepting of it) 

O Jesus, Who has said, "Heaven and earth shall pass away but My word 
shall not pass away," through the intercession of Mary Your Most Holy 
Mother, I feel confident that my prayer will be granted. (Make your 

 O Divine Child of Prague, and still
the great omnipotent God, I implore through your most Holy Mother's 
most powerful intercession and through the boundless mercy of your 
omnipotence as God, for a favorable answer to the intention I so 
earnestly ask for in this Novena.
O Divine Child of Prague, hear my prayer and grant my petition.
(Say three times.  Add Our Father and Hail Mary and Glory be.)

#savefishermore   #savefishermore  

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$15,290 raised by 57 people in 15 hours. There are six days left to contribute to this last ditch effort by the students to save our college... we need to raise $250,000. Spread some hope for the students- contribute whatever you can! Anything counts, because you are the means by which Fishermore can survive.  Even if you can't support us financially, please consider sharing the link below with your social media sites or even just offering some prayers for the entire college- students, faculty, staff. See below or for more information about the school and her mission. 

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Double Amen.

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British cranberry scones and tea this morning before I blew out the door.  It gave a nice British kick to my day. :)

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And I request the highest of fives for whoever made this because it is SO TRUE.

"Pray, hope, and don't worry."  ~ Padre Pio

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