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I don't think we need one :)
Digital product designer, web strategist, interaction & UX (user experience) specialist in NYC.
8-10+ years of interactive design experience, with extensive hands-on problem-solving in concept creation, brand strategy, information architecture, interaction design, visual/user interface design, usability, & user research. Previous employers include A-list design agencies & consumer brands:

Apple Computer
TD Ameritrade
Method -- MF Global, TED-Talks
R/GA -- Levi's, DirecTV, New School, ITP
• Lehman Brothers

 Say Hello -- twitter @courtneyBolton; or, email me with project requests, domain-specific questions, collaboration proposals, or speaking engagements. I'm interested in new UX projects with emergent technologies. 

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I lived in Kansas for 17 years, then moved to attend Washington University in St. Louis. I pursued a rigorous dual-degree curricula, accepted over $80,000 in scholarships, and graduated with high honors (and 2 undergraduate degrees) in a flat 4 years. The joint degrees (B.F.A. Communication design; B.A. English literature, with art history/photography minors) enabled me to study how words & images work together to create communications, and context, for audiences over time. 

I spent my semester abroad in Florence, Italy at the Accademia Italiana fashion institute & studied pattern-making. I moved to NYC after graduating from WashU, and completed coursework at the Columbia Business School. I've lived in NYC since 2003, and on 7th Street since 2006. I enjoy riding my bike, listening to music/podcasts, and spending time with all of the brilliant, creative computer scientists I know from MIT.

I design UX (user experience) for digital interfaces, digital products, web applications, technologies, services, and software. 

I'm an intuitive, holistic systems-design oriented problem-solver. I work with teams to create, visualize, synthesize, and refine the product vision. I use interaction design, visual communication, content strategy, organizational processes, and cross-functional alignment to strengthen & reinforce the end-user's experience with the product. 

Interdisciplinary by nature, (and multi-disciplinary, by intent)-- I'm a naturally curious, intensely focused, voracious reader, listener, critical thinker, & visual analyst. My deliverables often include functional prototypes, interaction design wireframes, visual comps, technical specifications, user research, and competitive analysis.

I'm an INTJ. That makes me an exceptionally smart, agile, creative, collaborative, and iterative UX designer. I tend to think laterally --usually in pictures-- and often work across multiple topics, concurrently. I perform research; I practice design; and I deliver excellent user experiences.

I enjoy meeting new UX, technology, design, start-ups people, authors, academics, & makers in NYC. Twitter me @courtneyBolton to meet-up.
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Conversation Techniques for Designers 
Participatory Design
What is an Art? 
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Systems Design 
Real-Time Big Data & Modern Surveillance
Friction in Human/Computer Symbiosis: Kasparov, on chess 
G+ Realnames, Solving Wrong Problem. We Need Signatures.

• The Case for Raw Data 
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Creative Process
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Visual Design

Data Tools & Projects
• Portland Crime-spotting

Podcasts / Talks

Harvard HBS: The Art of Critical Decision-Making: Deciding how to Decide: (28min), case study of Kennedy in the Bay of Pigs / Cuban Missile Crisis. Excellent.
Bragging rights
TEDTalks, Bank of America roll-out; TD Ameritrade merger; BusinessWeek merger + start-ups
  • Columbia Business School
  • Washington University in St. Louis
    BFA, Communication design
  • Washington University in St. Louis
    BA, English literature
  • Accademia Italiana, Firenze
    Art history; photography
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Contact me if you'd like to work on a project or, catch me on twitter: @courtneyBolton
Courtney Bolton ★ Digital product designer, web strategist, interaction & UX /user experience specialist.
  • Courtney Bolton, Creative Services.
    Digital product designer, heavy on interaction #IxD #UX #UI, digital strategy, 2000 - present
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New York, New York
Firenze, Italia - Roseau, Dominica - - - St. Louis, MO - Taos, NM - Boulder, CO - Kansas
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EMAIL hello@ to set up a time to discuss your project. I am available for remote UX work on a project-basis
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