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Pint-Sized Imp, Scary Little Editor Girl

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I set up an instagram thing, because it seemed like an easy way to get back to making episodic posts. However, I am not sure I like it.

I have been struggling with writer's block lately. I had wanted to switch to a blog and start forwarding stuff to G+, Facebook, etc. but I never got it set up to import the archives of old posts so I can sort them, and I'm not comfortable writing somewhere that feels so transient. But neither am I comfortable writing somewhere like G+, where it is increasingly difficult to find or archive old posts.

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I use an alarming amount of this body language myself without thinking about it.

Consequently, I am posting it as a convenient reference for those who might be confused by my feline upbringing.

#ImpyManual #ImpyBrain #ImpyIsACat

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So, I just caught a guy selling his copies of another artist's work, because I recognized the art style from the original artist...

I'm not sure what more, if anything, I should do about it.

BUT... I hadn't so much as looked at my DA watchlist in literally years. I don't think I ever saw the originals of these pieces before seeing the copies.

Sometimes in my line of work, it's easy to feel like an imposter. I don't have a degree, or a comic of my own, or experience working for anyone else, and I'm not even working much for myself anymore. There's not a lot of evidence that says I'm actually good at my job... Ideally, nobody should even notice what I've done when they look at a comic I've edited. It should just look good, not look like something of mine.

Pretty much the only reason I get to be an editor is because I believe my eyes are good eyes and I can sometimes explain what I'm seeing that sends sparks pinging around in my brain. So it's nice to have some evidence, sometimes, that I'm not full of shit, and my eyes are good eyes. It's nice to have something I can point to that makes me feel I actually deserve to be listened to as an editor. Though I feel bad that in this case, that something hurts not one but two artists.

#EditorImpy #ImpyBrain #ImpyGeeksArt


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I think this person may fundamentally misunderstand what love means... But probably so do a lot of other people spouting body positivity?

Love does not mean holding up flaws as virtues. It means accepting that the flaws exist but do not make you less worthy of love. It means saying, "Yes, I know I have things I don't like about my body. I love myself anyway, and my body is worth cherishing for what it is."

I don't like my belly. I don't like that my arms jiggle. I don't like my scars and the vicious stretch marks from my time in the coma, the ones that make parts of my skin look like lace. I don't like my crumpled toes and how my feet hurt. I don't like my health. I don't like that it's hard to find clothes that look good and fit comfortably. But these things are part of me, and even if I don't like them, it doesn't help me to deny them. It doesn't help if I let myself think they make me unworthy.

So for me, loving my body actually starts with body neutrality. I have to accept that my body is the way it is, and that it is part of who I am. Then I can work on finding specific things to like about it, and to me that's what body positivity is about. These are not oppositional approaches, they are complimentary.

So, I like the shape of my hands and fingers. I like that my lashes are long and my earlobes are, according to Michael, "cute." I like the flare of my hips and waist, the arch of my brows, and the shape of my calves. I like that I have the kind of curves that are made for filling hands with firm but squishy. I like that I genuinely feel I look better naked.

My body has ways in which it is ugly, and it has ways in which it is beautiful. None of these things determine its value, or mine. The fact is, it's the only body I've got, just the way it is. I may as well go out and enjoy myself in it.

#BodyPositivity #BodyNeutrality #ImpyBrain

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Something to remember.

Though I value tidiness in my home, because my mind finds it restful, so sometimes I really do need that little extra incentive to clean. Not really for my guests, but for me.

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Is me.

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Someone in one of the online women's support communities for Expats in Korea linked to this article, and I wanted to take a moment to share it forward.

I usually only put things about personal experience in Korea on here, but sex positivity is something I write about quite often outside of this collection. This interview is about an approach that is sex-positive, educational, and respectful... And I thought that was something worth passing on.

As a general update...

I've spent the last two weeks in a flat panic, frantically studying for a placement test. Why? Because I suddenly found out that the university where I planned to study does not offer Level 1 as an afternoon class, so suddenly I had to test into Level 2 or wait until next semester to get a visa.

See, I am physically incapable of taking morning classes. My ADHD has rendered me useless before noon in even the best of circumstances, because my brain meds take time to kick in. Beyond that, I am also unable to sleep before 2 am at the earliest. My doctor explained it as my brain is more or less permanently in fight or flight mode, and then it can't process those panic chemicals properly to relax afterwards, so it just keeps going until exhaustion pulls the plug and forces a shutdown. For me, that can take up to 48 hours... Not ideal for someone who would have to wake up around 6 am to get to class on time. So, unless I can take afternoon classes, I cannot take classes at all. No classes, no visa.

Despite this sudden ghastly setback, I was determined to at least TRY to test into Level 2. I thought I had a month to go through and learn Level 1 through self-study, and after all I already knew a little bit, right? So I figured it might be possible. But no... the test date I expected was wrong, so I actually only had two weeks. I did my best to study anyhow, but studying is really hard for me due to the ADHD. Despite my foolhardy good intentions, I only made it about a third of the way through the material for Level 1. On Wednesday, I took the online portion of the test... And against all expectation, I actually did place into Level 2! It felt like the test was way harder, and I am not at all confident that it's a level I actually should be in.

On Thursday, I have to go to a speaking test to confirm my placement in Level 2. I'm having a hard time buckling down to study for it, and I'm really hoping this whole deal gets easier once I am actually in classes. I also really hope that Ewha has enough students for a Level 2 afternoon class, because after all this effort to combat my disability and find workarounds... if they don't have one, and I end up STILL having to wait until fall to start classes, I am going to be livid.

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Actually, pretty badass...

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