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Jason Thigpen
Moving into the hub of my new internet life.
Moving into the hub of my new internet life.

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Sometimes you need a change. Sometimes one change isn't enough.

Have purchased, downloaded, and am LOVING the Obsidian Apocalypse campaign setting... I purchased the Bundle from RPGNow, and am wondering if there is further information anywhere.

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Meh. Whatever.
Underwhelmed. Like, spectacularly. This is going to be the worst "graduation" in the company's history.

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Mass Upload
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Seems every post I make over here is about how I should use this site more. FB is awash in stupid people, stupid games, and (worst of all) family that just love to make something of my posts, so here, maybe I can be a little more myself, unwashed and unfiltered.

To All:
Please help keep G+ as spam-light as possible by flagging ad posts. I just flagged about a dozen comments by +Hussain Saif advertising various dubbed movie sites. If you hover over the offending comments, the flag button will appear above it and to the right.
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