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Susan Hallam
Managing Director - Hallam Internet Ltd - SEO, PPC, Internet Marketing
Managing Director - Hallam Internet Ltd - SEO, PPC, Internet Marketing


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I am NO LONGER USING this Google+ Account. 

Please find me over here:

When Google+ was launched, it was not possible to use a Google Apps email account with Google+ .... which is very, very strange, but a fact.

But that has all now changed, and I have finally managed to hook my Google+ to to my Gmail to my Google Docs.

See you over at my new account!

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We've designed a new Digital Marketing Map infographic, and getting lots of positive feedback.  I'm delighted with it, and hope you like it, too.

Don't forget to + it if you like it, and feel free to put it on your own website.

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Would you spend £75 per click on Google AdWords?  You would if you were in the Gambling industry! See our infograhic with the most expensive AdWords keywords in the UK

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IEEE leaked 100,000 username/passwords on their FTP server (big whoops)  and +Radu Dragusin  did a great analysis of the online behaviour of the engineering community.

The most common password?  123456
Most common hosted email service?  Gmail
Most widely used browser?  Chrome
The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) apparently left 100,000 usernames and plaintext passwords on their FTP server for over a month, maybe longer. Someone found and reported it, and it looks like the IEEE closed that hole.

+Radu Dragusin, who found the data, did some analysis on it. One tidbit that stood out to me was the email addresses of users: 38% were Gmail, 7.6% were Yahoo, and 4.7% were Hotmail. So for this tech-savvy sample, Gmail addresses outnumbered Yahoo by a factor of five, and outnumbered Hotmail by more than a factor of eight.

+Jeff Jarvis, were you looking for a number of the week for TWiG? :)

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Just upgraded the office network and we all now have dual monitors.  Wonderful! But really need some tips on how to use them well.  Any suggestions?

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Feeling a big Olympic-shaped hole in my heart... Absolutely loved it, and this is a great review of the BBC coverage by +Catherine Mayer 

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What is Apple's secret to marketing success?  Product placement. In 2011, Apple products appeared in nearly half of all cinema blockbusters, and in 891 TV shows. I liked looking through all these examples. A great article in +Business Insider by Laura Stamper

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Tomorrow, a Google Basketball interactive logo.  Play with it on Google Australia now.  This is cool and fun and wasting too much time!

One of my favourite TeamHallam posts is our monthly roundup of  the best internet marketing blog posts.  This month we feature articles by +Julie Joyce +Dave Rosborough +Ash Buckles +Neil Patel +Garrett French +Tellman Knudson
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