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Rogue Exodus
A Legend of Zelda-ish game with an adventure theme. Under heavy development
A Legend of Zelda-ish game with an adventure theme. Under heavy development

So, I finally decided to start up the idea, even if nobody takes it.

Can you make a simple, rustic bit of music? This is one of the only things I am missing for the game. I have no music. I have sound fx that will (hopefully be nice), and I make some pretty mean 16x16 tiles/sprites, but the one thing I cannot do is make a good soundtrack. I was going to ask Mattias Westlund for a small soundtrack, mainly because of his amazing work in Battle for Wesnoth. I haven't gotten a reply from him, so I will leave this challenge open until I get something from him or one of you. Anyhow, make a short rustic soundtrack with the following:
- 1calm piece,
- 1 "cave" piece
- 1 "adventure" piece.
Maybe a cover for it too. But I won't ask too much for now. Anyhow, take it, and that would be cool. If you do meet the challenge, your name will be put in the credits, licensing, etc. Basically I will tell everybody you were a big help.
Sorry for being long winded.

Well, I am shoving this out here, but I am now accepting all offers for help. Anything that ranges from criticism to code to music is almost always appreciated. I might start up some Bi-Annual or monthly challenge that somebody might read, accept, do, and finally share. This is mainly because I am working alone on this for my first project... And, hey; It is not easy, let me tell you. If it weren't for friends and relatives, I would not be this far... So anyhow, donate in any way possible. If you don't want to/can't, cool. Thanks for reading this then. That goes for everybody that reads this and taking a look. ;)

--wisdomfire (Admin and Dev)

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Well, here I am, writing code or piping out images to my hearts content. I hope to get Rogue to its full potential, which is a fully fledged game, with both story mode and arcade mode. Probably will have arcade mode out first. Still, that is an ambition. Anyhow, a little more about the actual game:
- Written in python and pygame
- 16x16 px graphics
- in prealpha stage
- latest download: Rogue0.0tryoutpygame
- Next update: Late August? Give or take 2 months.
- Sounds about right.
Anyhow, I gave the home page, so give me a visit and/or shoot me an email.  ;)

--wisdomfire (admin and dev)
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