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ERP for Valve Manufacturing

Valve Manufacturing industry has one of the most complex and sophisticated working method. Automation through an effective Enterprise Solution could enhance the accuracy and perfection in manufacturing process. eresource, one of the leading ERP solution provider in India, has developed ERP system that will be much helpful to the valve manufacturing industry in a big way. Our ERP system has been designed for Valve manufacturers keeping in mind operational Excellence.

Today there is only one effective ERP solution that will answer all the business questions valve manufacturing industry is looking for. That’s "eresource". For more details call or write to us.

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ERP for Trading

eresource ERP system is a leading web-based enterprise solution for all your trading business. For further information and LIVE DEMO, please write to us or call us today.

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ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry

eresource Xcel ERP is a comprehensive erp system that offers ERP software for manufacturing companies and best-practice support multi-mode manufacturers in a broad range of Industries.
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ERP for Manufacturing

eresource Xcel ERP is a comprehensive enterprise resource Planning system that offers ERP software for manufacturing companies and best-practice support multi-mode manufacturers in a broad range of Industries. In today's aggressive business environment it is essential to be prepared to face a vast and competitive world. In this time of diminishing global economic situation, the most worried sectors are the small and midsize businesses (SMBs), eresource offers manufacturing software for small business. They are challenged by the requirement of the customer and compliance mandates, effective management of supplier, costs control and finding new customers to grow the business.

eresource Xcel, the ERP system developed exclusively for Manufacturing industry, enables to get a 360-degree view of your manufacturing business anytime, from anywhere. The system helps to place all your business functions on to one single platform and automating and integrating them, end-to-end. With this unified view of business, you can drive innovation across the value chain, improve efficiency, and reduce costs and time to market. Being a Web-based ERP solution, the entire system is accessible over the Internet, which gives you the freedom to access information from any part of the globe at the click of a browser button, whether from a laptop, or desktop or mobile phone.
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ERP software system in Pharmaceutical Industry

Best ERP solution for Pharmaceutical Industry

It has been proved beyond doubt that implementation of eresource ERP systems not only gives more transparency to your business process but also it allows your business to operate more efficiently, predictably and more profitably.

Implementing an industry-compatible eresource ERP system will not only meet the traceability requirements, but also seamlessly link all departments, resulting in streamlined operations, maximized productivity, and increased profitability.

While choosing an ERP system you should consider both its ability to track every raw material from receipt through finished product delivery, and its adaptability to your unique manufacturing process. eresource ERP helps you to oversee every area of your business without the necessity for separate software packages or expensive customization.

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Pharmaceutical ERP in India
Pharmaceutical-specific ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software system is the most effective way to identify and track every single raw material from receipt through processing, packaging and shipping, to the exact customer location.


eresource ERP is designed with operation efficiency in mind. Operational efficiency requires a system that addresses every aspect of your business. It helps to cut costs, enables quick market presence of the product, improve customer relation and comply with regulations.


Quality tops the priority list as far as any pharmaceutical company is concerned. Keeping this in mind, eresource ERP has been designed in unique style. Quality Control department with its integrated sophisticated Quality Control / Module which not only monitors quality by control plans in purchasing and production but also provides real-time process capability index for quick review.

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Pharmaceuticals ERP Software

eresource ERP, the Web-based ERP Solution , is an ideal solution for all pharmaceutical industries like manufacturers of vitamins, natural health and dietary supplement apart from the mainstream pharmaceutical ERP products. eresource ERP has been recognized as the best solution among its customers because they offer a complete integrated application that suits the company's needs in all counts.

Earlier pharmaceutical companies were managing their business with individual software application for each of their departments. Managing the whole operations of a ERP pharmaceutical manufacturing with these kind of isolated systems were a herculean task, which consisted of manufacturing hundreds of products that used to take lot of time and valuable resources in maintaining raw material inventory, determining availability of those raw materials during manufacture, and in maintenance of records of lot numbers used in the finished products, an obligatory regulatory requirement. These problems prompted the pharmaceutical ERP companies to seek an ERP System which would provide real time access to all their business activities. Their search for a suitable ERP System has ended with, eresource that has all the answer to their problems.

eresource contained many other features which were in alignment with all future requirements of a pharmaceutical company. eresource ERP has lot to offer to its customers.

ERP for Electronics Manufacturing

eresource Xcel, the exclusive ERP system for manufacturing industry would be an ideal solution for Electronic Manufacturing companies. The system has been integrated with essential modules that could serve the industry better in their manufacturing process. eresource Xcel system offers to the users in the Electronic industry the modular approach that has the capability to streamline processes, reduce cost and ensure customer responsiveness across the premises. This ERP system for Electronic Manufacturing can provide surety to all the top priorities to achieve profitability and continued growth. Guided by the desired needs of the today's users, eresource Xce ERP delivers the flexibility, choice and agility needed to support all the strategic decisions and to lean out the wasted processes.

Electronic imports in India is showing a positive growth for the last couple of years and the trend is going to continue in the coming years. This phenomena could ultimately change the dynamics of India's manufacturing and international trade. The list includes all electronic items, including mobile phones which could witness a positive growth in the coming years. As per the latest market study, the change in dynamics in electronic manufacturing holds more significance as India imports 65% of its current demand for electronic products. Electronic items are now the second-most valued category of imports after petroleum products and if the situation is left unchanged, the country's electronics import bill may well surpass its oil import expenses by 2020.

Having said that, what the companies, especially the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), that are dealing in electronic manufacturing must focus on is to have an efficient resource planning system that will care of all business process, technically and also in the administrative operations including the customer management. eresource Xcel ERP system is designed and developed to fit with the needs and requirements of all the small to mid-sized electronics manufacturers across the market. This software is fully integrated and hence proven applicable to all the medical devices, general electronics and aerospace manufacturing companies. eresource Xcel system can effectively reduce the complexities of the traditional process management system by replacing it with the new version ERP that basically emphasizes collaboration, ease of use and responsiveness.

Benefits of eresource Xcel for Electronic Manufacturing

It can ensure advance planning of production
The system generates multiple bills of materials
Product warranty tracking facility
Excellent recall and traceability management
Serial number and lot tracking of the stored stock
Appropriate stock and order support facility
Quality management
Easy to use and configure.

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Construction ERP Software
The construction ERP segment is booming nowadays and as a lot of infrastructure projects are coming up, there is an increasing demand for a good Construction ERP SOFTWARE to tackle all the needs of the Construction Industry. Nowadays, developing countries a...
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Construction ERP Software

The construction ERP segment is booming nowadays and as a lot of infrastructure projects are coming up, there is an increasing demand for a good Construction ERP SOFTWARE to tackle all the needs of the Construction Industry. Nowadays, developing countries are not only investing in housing alone, but there is also a very heavy investment in the building of roads, bridges, rail networks, etc. These domains too fall under the Construction Industry, and the Construction ERP SOFTWARE is very much suited for these domains too.

The Construction ERP SOFTWARE is totally domain focused and handles all the different aspects which are related in any manner to the Construction Industry. Also, the main advantage of Construction ERP or any ERP for that matter, is that it can be tailored to the demands of the customer. Thus a single ERP solution can be tailored to suit different projects which are bring done by the same developer, An example would be a Construction Developer who is involved in not only developing a housing project but is also designing a bridge for the state, then the ERP that he uses can be tailored to serve both the projects.

Thus, we can easily sumarise that with more and more development happening in the developed as well as the third world countries, there is an increasing demand for the different departments in the Construction Industry to function in a smooth and well-coordinated manner, and the Construction ERP SOFTWARE is just ideal for this purpose.

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