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Frank Lee Sprague - World Class Guitarist Composer
Music, Merseybeat, Rock n Roll, Guitar, Sprague, Composer, Recording Artist, Classical, Wichita Falls,
Music, Merseybeat, Rock n Roll, Guitar, Sprague, Composer, Recording Artist, Classical, Wichita Falls,


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It’s 2011. The radio is bereft of tuneful music. There’s no joy in the band playing at the local club. No swing. No drive. You close your eyes and take the time travel trip you’ve always wanted to, back to 1963, back to a cramped, sweaty club in a large industrial city in Northern England. Ahh…you hear the band take the stage. They test out a few notes, and then the welcome, warm tones of Merseybeat fill your ears. When you open your eyes again, you’re home, but the pure, heart-felt music continues to fill your soul.

Frank Lee Sprague’s new single A-side, “Merseybeat,” evokes the beloved, timeless sounds of the British Invasion imbued with Frank’s own West-Texas imprint. It’s as if Buddy Holly and Bobby Fuller jammed with the Beatles. “Merseybeat,” is the perfect instrumental lead-up to Frank Lee Sprague’s forthcoming album, due out on Wichita Falls Records in early 2012.

From its melodic, chiming 12-string electric guitar to its persistent Ringo Starresque cowbell, Frank Lee Sprague’s new single B-side, “I’ll Never Leave You,” calls to mind A Hard Day’s Night-era Beatles. It is a wonderful example of Frank’s remarkable ability to meld something tantalizingly familiar with his own style and feel. Like so many classic tracks, you’ll want to play it over and over again.

Authentic! Masterful! A celebration! Critics and fans raved over Frank Lee Sprague’s 2004 album, Merseybeat and its 2005 sequel, Cavern. After his captivating seasonal album, Merry Merseybeat Christmas, Frank went into the studio to work on an electrifying follow-up masterpiece. With so many outstanding songs to choose from, he elected to leave the stellar “Merseybeat” and “I’ll Never Leave You” off the album, and instead, treat fans to a special single.

Known for his unparalleled ability to synthesize authentic rock n roll styles into his own memorable songs, Frank Lee Sprague’s work has wowed reviewers in Rolling Stone, Playboy, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, and many other magazines and newspapers. He has appeared on CBS nationwide television and National Public Radio, and performed live around the world, including several successful tours of Japan. Over the last few years, this charismatic songwriter and musician has recorded and released the critically acclaimed albums, Merseybeat, Cavern, Merry Merseybeat Christmas, Merry Christmas! Traditional Carols arranged as Traditional Rock Songs, Fulton Avenue, and Fulton Chateau, while also revered by fans for his long-time work as leader of his side project, the fabulous rock n roll duo, the Sprague Brothers.
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