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IT engineer(JAVA EXPORT)
IT engineer(JAVA EXPORT)

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As many of us are about to enter into a new year, I'd like you to take this with you. 2016 is over. It's done. It is in our past. We can not change a single thing that happened during it, good or bad. What we can do is learn from it, grow from it and use it to be better versions of ourselves in this new year. 2017 hasn't yet unfolded. It hasn't happened yet. It is our hopeful future. Our lives aren't determined yet. Our good time and bad times, our ups and our downs haven't even begun to play out in our lives. We stand on the division between nothing and nothing. Nothing can be done about yesterday and nothing can be guarantied about tomorrow. As of Today, you have a clean slate. Today is your day, always Today. It's a new beginning every time you wake up in the morning. It's your chance to do better, to be better, to think better and to show better. You have that in you, every Today you get you have that in you. You are Now. 2016 no longer matters and 2017 doesn't matter yet. Don't be scared, don't be worried, don't be excited, don't be impatient. Be Today. Be better than yesterday. And you'll be outstanding! I love and believe in you all. Be well.

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New year celebration

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Missing these Dayys

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April 24, 2013
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