A whole new take on the Easter Bunny...
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don't worry say anything you like but the Easter bunny is not true!!!!I'm not stupid same to Santa he is not true. that picture is stupid!Hahahaha get a new idea!
so suitable 4 Easter!!!!!!have fun every one
Huge fan of alien series - that is genius!
Easter just got +1 since I was six years old. That's quite an achievement!!!
Desktop Wallpaper! Thanks.
aspiration from cadberry overdose
thats just scary... O.O
absolutely frigging brilliant :)
you killed the Easter bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OH NO! everybody steal the candy fast before he wakes up by death
no more egg laying for him.
get it laying
bunnies are mammals you nubs they dont lay eggs
The platypus is an egg laying mammal...:)
will the aliens be rabbit shaped when they emerge i wonder? sandy claus is next: dont look in that strange egg shaped present in the corner sandy!....
I kinda like the pod... makes me think of Alien and all those other pod type movies :)
the corruption of childhood innocence
I thought i twas the alien pod from the alien movies
i could be wrong though
yeah it is sad but it is not funny because children could look at that!
it mite be a joke but it could hurt children's feelings!

What I on his face
I said earlier i thought i was the pod from the alien horror seireis. That would explain the hatched egg. That's particularly why i thought it was funny but i guess it's not everyones type of humor... oh and i could be wrong :)
do u think its stupid to to put "Five O'clock!- its getting late-never mind bit" u have got a problem with your speaking!:(
fill d.
Bahhhh fn love this!
so...easter eggs are bombs apparently......oh no.......easter bunny=_TERRORIST_
The Alien, Easter bunny cross species should be interesting to see.
if only it was made out of chocolate i would eat it alien or not!
Is that the Flying Spaghetti Monster??
Mark R
love it!!!!
what the hell is wrong with the ester bunny
OMG HAHAHA! I love it! The Alien killed the Easter Bunny =]
in the movie, it doesn't kill the host, it plants eggs inside of the host, then the eggs kill it later. the one depicted dies long before the host does.
I love it.... Well Done. VERY well done....
I love it in so many aspects I don't know were to start, lol
you did a excellent job there deborah
I laughed for 5 minutes straight. Love it!
do u plan on eating him or what?
I was like: "Didn't he see the movie?!?!"
Well thats something you don't expect to see.
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha i get it!!!
I always wondered where easter eggs came from. Thanks!
Lmao, now that is funny... You know as I'm looking at the pic you posted I look down at your picture and you definitely resemble sigourney weaver! Poor bunny... :-)
I want to see the follow up with the chocolate chestburster in action.
OH!!! NO!!! ALIENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
run its the end of the world as we know it
For everyone asking it's a face hugger from the movie Alien. ...not a "pod" like several others called it in earlier comments.
poor easter bunny but is really cool.
Aliens killed poor easter buunny!! >:OO ):
That's the best thing I've seen ever!
i like it. i like it alot. too funny
This is such a great pic, with such an obscure pun that I am wondering how many people in my circles actually get this.
Too cool, belly laugh funny!
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