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Oh, yeah... I signed up for Google+. That's right.
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Loved your work on AICN, glad that your keeping us informed on Hitfix!!
All the cool kids are on G+, you know.
I put you in the "I created Commander Future and that's awesome" circle.
i also first discovered your work on AICN, the only reason i go to Hitfix is for Motion Captured!
haven't talked to you in forever. I'm glad to have been seeing that hitfix is going so well.
Looking forward to you filling my G+ with nerdy fun.

If you ever get the chance, please tell someone at Hitfix to add bylines to the iPhone app! I can't stand not knowing who wrote the story I'm reading, especially since I care much more about what you write than other contributors. There are no bylines on either the list view of stories or on the story themselves.
I will definitely pass that along to the design team, Brian.
Welcome to G+ Drew! The Internet has come a long way from when we talked at length on IRC on #movies, then the AICN chat room. I look forward to reading more of your work!
Hey Drew! Loved your force awakens review nicely done without spoiling a thing, when's the second look piece coming?
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