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Yarn Wrapped Bottles
Hello Crafters! Today i'm going to be sharing with you these yarn wrapped bottles that I made. It took me about a hour to do two. It may get a little messy and sticky but the concept is pretty simple. Materials: yarn in color of your choice any type of glas...

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Hello Crafters! Welcome to our first ever Monthly Poll!  These are two different takes on making old books into cute jewelry! Please place your vote in the comments, telling us which one you like best and we will recreate that one for you guys and have a tu...

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Monthly Poll
Hello Crafters! This is something new that we will be doing on our blog every month, We will pick two crafts that are somewhat alike off the internet and post them, You will have to vote in the comments which one you like best! Whichever one wins, we will h...

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Crocheted Pots!
Difficulty Level: Medium Hello Crafters! Today I will be showing you how to make these lovely little things!: Crocheted Pots! My mom loves these, she thinks they are adorable... and they are! They are perfect for holding marbles, earrings, paperclips, any l...

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Crocheted Dog Beanie
Difficulty Level: Medium Hello Crafters!  Judy the St Bernard loves her new beanie! And it's pretty easy to make too! Use the same technique you used for  this hat  but when the top is as big as you want, don't crochet in the inside. Just stop adding stitch...

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Very cute and simple, click here for a tutorial!

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How to Make Tin Foil Earrings
Difficulty Level: Not hard a'tall!  Hello Crafters! Today i'm going to show you how to make tin foil earrings! This is what I made for my mom for Mother's day. Materials; A square of Tin Foil about 1 foot across beading wire, regular wire, or thread wire cu...

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hello People!
Please come to our blog! It is very fun! we post tutorial for crafts, drawings and crocheting. Check it out! If you have any suggestions or would like to buy anything off our blog please email us at Thank you! - The Crafty Girls

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Oil Pastel Bottle!
Difficulty Level: Medium There's no tutorial for this, but I thought I'd post it. It's a bottle drawn with oil pastel! It took a lot of layering, but it turned out nicely! (The judges in the art show thought so, at least... they awarded it with a 2nd place ...

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Cherry Blossom Cake!
Difficulty Level: Difficult Isn't this cake adorable?! It took quite a while. We made two yellow cakes and a simple glaze with powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla. Then we made the fondant for the flowers and leaves. We melted down a bag of marshmallows in a ...
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