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Jenny Adler

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Excited to host an #ExplorerClassroom session with +National Geographic Education on January 24 at 10AM EST. Dive in to the livestream to learn more about aquifers, springs, cave diving, and shooting 360 underwater images in caves!
National Geographic Young Explorer Jennifer Adler has spent her life in, on, and surrounded by water. Jennifer is currently working on a conservation education project called Walking on Water, which uses photography and creative writing to teach the next generation about freshwater.

Register for free to connect your class with Jennifer at our first #ExplorerClassroom event of 2017! Clear your calendars for January 24th at 10am EST!

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Splashed -- Reflections on TEDx Jacksonville 2015
Usually, getting splashed is no big deal. I spend 50% of my time thinking about water and the other 50% actually in the water -- but above water, I’m not known for my grace. X marks the spot. [Photo by TEDx Jax ] Pacing in the bright, mirror-lined prep room...

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"Let's Talk About Water" Art Exhibit -- CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS!
The University of Florida Student Chapter of the American Water Resources Association (AWRA) is partnering with the UF Water Institute  and the CUAHSI  to host " Let's Talk About Water ," a campus-wide discussion about water, including a documentary screeni...

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Takk fyrir
The thick
Icelandic wind warned of winter. It harshly dried my tears, which had fallen in
endless waterfalls down my cheeks like the powerful waters of Gullfoss. The wind brought
on chills, shivers, uncontrollable shaking. The damp earth where we laid slowl...

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The Springs Take Center Stage
This Saturday afternoon (10/24), I will be one of 12 speakers at  TEDxJacksonville 's 2015 event "Into The Machine."  I will share a talk titled "Illusions: A lens into our fragile freshwater." Basically, my "idea worth spreading" (the take-home "nugget" of...

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Stolen Stars
As the sun set, shivers set in. We had just surfaced from a dive in the Ballroom and the damp neoprene and soggy booties weren't doing us any favors.  A cloudy, grey night obscured the moon, leaving no hope for any stars. But we knew where to find them.  Fo...

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Where Turtles Can Fly
There is a place on earth where
turtles can fly… … and you can too. It’s a place where feet flock to hide from the heat of the sweltering summer,  …and where some take refuge from the winter’s chill. It is a place to relax and destress, ...and to explore th...
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