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Jeff Patterson
Disciple, husband, father, friend, neighbor, servant, pastor, learner, runner
Disciple, husband, father, friend, neighbor, servant, pastor, learner, runner

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"Unfortunately the Christian life isn’t accurately represented by prolonged periods of virtue and nobility, punctuated by moments of interruptive sin and villainy. It’s actually just the opposite. None of us are fully noble and virtuous this side of the grave. My struggle to find wholeness in Christ isn’t bucolic or idyllic.

It’s painful,





yet filled with the beauty and wonder of God’s love, mercy, and grace.

As a piece of art it’s messy, confusing, and not entirely filled with moments that I’m proud of, yet it is authentic… and that accuracy of content, in the hands of my Master Sculptor, is what makes it relevant to every kind of human."

Thomas Kinkade is now a painter of Marvelous Light

No one can hear the Gospel from the life of a loveless Christian. #lovingthewayJesusloves

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and watch football on it.

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When Xians get bored with the Gospel they give into preference creep … & start complaining. »

This changes everything.

-ISMS: Consumerism. » Quick thoughts on difficulty of turning (us) consumers into renewed disciples. (We're all disciples of something.) »

Nothing and no one compares to our God above //

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When you've been hacked.

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