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Hi Folks... weather watching is frustrating but we may still have a chance to hold the Auckland Regional Paragliding Competition, this coming weekend, at the Paeroas. Please remember to register on the Airtribune site, here:

Paeroas forecast is excellent for the weekend, according to XCSkies. Kyla and I will be heading down.

Johnny and Kyla probably heading down to Paeroas first thing in the morning.

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Let's have another go. Auckland Regional Paragliding Competition - second weekend in March, with reserve dates the following weekend.
FAI Cat2 sanction pending.
All qualified NZHGPA pilots welcome.

All details will be maintained here:

Please register in advance.

Someone was asking what the number is for Paeroas Weather Station... It's now 0212385808

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Helmet, jacket and gloves found at the Moirs bomby... We have them at the pub just now, but we'll be going home soon and then down to Kaimais... 

Boxing Dills? 

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Registration now open, online, for the Auckland Regional Paragliding Competition in November.

Please help me out by registering in advance! :)

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