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I think everyone should enjoy an entire Walter Trout set once in there lives.
Wouldn't you agree +Tejas Richard +Stef BluesMad +Angie Person  ?
This is good music +Amanda K Brookhouse +lori jorgensen

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Did you say, 'Give me more cowbell for #fridayrockshow  '?

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This is perfect for the #fridayrockshow  Awesome, in fact. check it out +lori jorgensen 

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There is just something about Luther.

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+Fergus Martin I found something different for my version of the #fridayrockshow  

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An eagle to sing the blues for #feelslikethefridayrockshow  

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really #feelslikethefridayrockshow   now.

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#feelslikefridayrockshow  so I was listening to some music.

Did I tell y'all about the enjoyable Bob Dylan performance last week at the Fox Theatre in Detroit? He has a deeper voice than I expected. It all had a very bluesy tone. I would not have recognized All along the Watchtower without the vocals. +Tejas Richard 

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What a difference a day makes.
As A Result of Marijuana Legislation, Two Washington State Counties Drop 175 Misdemeanor Cases of Marijuana Possession

SEATTLE (AP) — Misdemeanor cases of marijuana possession will be dropped in Washington's largest counties after voters legalized the drug, prosecutors said Friday.

"Although the effective date of I-502 is not until Dec. 6, there is no point in continuing to seek criminal penalties for conduct that will be legal next month," Satterberg said in a statement.

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I think this is notable +Stef BluesMad +Amanda K Brookhouse +lori jorgensen 
In good taste for the #fridayrockshow  
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