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Ha! Pic of my daughter at the Miranda Cosgrove concert 2 years ago. Pretty serious business apparently. 

One of the annoying things about G+ is that every time I log in I get a giant pop up in the middle of the screen that says:

"Replies and More for Google+

Welcome to Replies and More! This adds a number of enhancements to your Google+ experience. You can configure which enhancements are available from the options page.

What's new?

May 15, 2012: Updated to support the latest Google+ changes. All the functions are now working again.
Follow the author

Want updates on what's changed, to report a bug, or request a feature? Follow the author on Google+ or Twitter."

I can NOT figure out how to turn this off. Very, very frustrating. :/

Haven't played around with G+ in a long time. Cleaning up and "rebooting" my account. Trying to rediscover it's value again. 

Is there anyway to disable the "What's new on Google plus" pop up I get everytime I log on?  It's been there for months and is really annoying. 

My "Trust Me, I'm a Doctor" tshirt (w/ Dr. Pepper logo): creepy or not creepy?

Flip flops with jeans: yes or no?

But if you raise my taxes to support cops and teachers I may have to cut back on my season tickets, (cont)

It's a travesty that the starting salary for an NFL ref is only $77K. I mean, they are doing God's work. Shameful.
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