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I've finally finished the first episode of Modifier and I'm excited to hear more. I love hearing about hacks and mods and others ideas for designing or homebrewing games.. with the first episode, to travel down the rabbit hole of something many of just don't know how to deal with, disabilities.. it was just.. great.

I'm lucky enough not to current have any significant challenges, but I have been effected by temporary disability back when I broke my leg during school.. Nothing as eye opening as that experience, realizing that something seeming so small as a couple of steps can effectively shut down someones ability to access that area. I like to think I came out of that experience with a better understanding and awareness, but everyone can always use a reminder as to the struggles some people can have with tasks we take for granted.

Its a discussion we all need to have, but I think only a few have grace and the ability to approach it correctly. Kudos on that front and thank you!

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I'm interested in doing my own sort of fanfic for campaign. I love all the stories and images people come up with.. I'm a programmer. and a (very) amateur game developer. As a way to hone my skills, and to play around in a world I can't help but love.. I was thinking of creating a small adventure game in HTML5, focusing on a pair of characters introduced to us on myrkr. I'm no expert pixel artist, game programmer, or designer... so I'd thought I'd invite any other interested parties to contribute in any way they can (pixel art, programming, etc).  The plan is to create an open source, HTML5, hopefully mobile friendly point and click adventure. Who would be interested in seeing this done?

Here's a sample of my first attempts at animation...
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Greetings to all, I'm a listener, and once things line up for once, a player of SSM. I'm a GIS programmer by trade, and an avid rper/gamer. I'd be cool to get an intro of others in here, it's always interesting to see the wide spectrum of people and where they are from and what they do.

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ha. i finally guilted Gavin into my meetup group.. and he in turn informed me of this group!

Do you like games? design them? think about them? have interest in them?

If so, check out the London Game Dev meetup group at

we're a blooming meetup group who get together to talk games!
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