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Dee Dee Natter
A Newly-Qualified Social Worker
A Newly-Qualified Social Worker

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Lessons of the trade
A thousand apologies to
anyone I'm lucky enough to have as a regular reader: I have been struggling to
manage the stresses of the job and the resultant exhaustion I feel coming home
after a day's work, that, and managing my personal life which includes maki...

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Ironing out the kinks
Today, I felt like I was drowning. Several skipped lunches and long drives travelling to various locations taking young people across the county, feeling very drained. 17 cases to my name, those of you in other teams might be thinking, 17?! that's nothing! ...

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The naughty kid
I'm a bit late with blogging this week, a reflection of how busy it's got and me not being bothered to write I guess! The theme of this week is child development. The cases I have now (16 in total) mostly revolve around broken childhoods and parents struggl...

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And so it beings
Mid-week and the pace has definitely picked up. I was given a few extra cases this week and I stupidly decided to do 3 home visits with the intention of carrying out initial assessments, all in one day as all were fairly urgent. Big mistake, at least for a ...

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The "Induction Week"
So I've reached the end of the week (Sunday), alive and with a sense of accomplishment. I was quickly welcomed by an extremely friendly and strangely funny team, quick to tell me about each of their individual quirks and idiosyncrasies and quizzing me about...

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A foot in the door
Having graduated from my undergraduate degree and working 2 years in the magazine industry analysing and projecting sales figures, I decided I no longer wanted to be the little minion in the corner with no voice, and no ability to make a difference in peopl...
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