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Moldavite Super Nova with Phenacite Gemstone Crown

he top of the Moldavite Pendant features a hexagonal honeycomb cut, and the backside of this complex creation has been scored with a stunning starburst cut, which reflects and refracts the light in a beautiful display of unalloyed "bling" and beauty.

Moldavite is a rare bottle-green translucent stone of unearthly origins. This gemstone was cut from a museum grade piece of natural moldavite.

Moldavites are the rarest of gems, perhaps more rare than diamonds, rubies or emeralds. Moldavites have been prized for over 25,000 years, since archaeologists have discovered moldavite shards and pieces in cave dwellings of that era.

Moldavite is known as the "Grail Stone". Legends say that the Holy Grail was formed out of a green stone that fell from Satan's crown as he descended from his heavenly abode to Hell, impelled by the force of a blow from the sword of Michael the Archangel. Until recently it was assumed the Grail Stone was emerald, but recently metaphysical rockhounds have suggested that the true Grail Stone is moldavite, a translucent green gemstone that fell from the sky millions of years ago.

Moldavite activates any and all of the chakras and also opens the mind to the limitless possibilities inherent in its cosmic origins. Moldavite's energy tends to dissipate blocks throughout the energy system and then center energy in the heart, opening the heart to universal love.

Moldavite is a the stone of transformation, par excellence. Working with Moldavite can have a profound effect, enabling the holder or wearer of this exceptional stone to consciously release unwanted programs, scripts, energies & thinking from their lives. The bearer of moldavite will often find that difficult or painful people, situations and conditions will be released, and then replaced by similar people, places or situations that are more congenial, more positive and more beneficial.

If you want change in your life, Moldavite can expedite that change, connecting you to Source & your own Divinity.

Phenacite is an extremely hard, light gemmy form of beryllium silicate crystal, exhibiting a bright vitreous luster, found primarily in Brazil, Italy, Russia and Burma. Phenacite is much harder than quartz crystal, much ligher and meditators and Lightworkers report that phenacite resonates to a much higher frequency than ordinary quartz.

When Curtis & I were first introduced to phenacite on a business trip to meet with a new supplier, he put the small stones in Curtis' hand and said "you need these". Well, I was skeptical, as I found it hard to understand what such small, yet clear and beautiful stones would do for us, so I held one in my left hand as we drove the two and a half hour drive home. Well!!! Within five minutes of holding the stone, I became very excited and told Curtis (he was driving), that all of our healer friends need this stone, that anyone who works with people doing more than one session a day, could really benefit from holding this stone between treatments.

I felt an instant connection with a golden white grid of light, (and I am not normally the one in this household who does grid work) and such clarity all around me. I literally felt energy connecting me to my third eye & crown chakras which set a field of clear and resonant energy all around me. I felt as if I'd been transported to a clear room of light, with no interfering energies of any kind, a simple radiant Light of the Highest Vibration I have yet experienced. It wasn't peaceful exactly, although it did make me feel good, feel grounded, connected to Source and kinetically alive in a brilliant spacial enclosure. It was as if our car, turned into a temple dedicated to the Father/Mother Source and I had just had a drink from their well of crystalline pure waters connecting me in every direction with knowing, with being, with total Love & Acceptance.

Of course, when we returned home, I did look up phenacite in Melody's wonderful resource guide, "Love is in the Earth". Here are some of the things she has to say about this stone: "The dynamic (phenacite) have recently been discovered and the stone, although expensive, is quite expansive. It is highly stimulating to the third eye, allowing the energy of that center to be activated and to be carried throughout the body, producing an awareness of the complete cellular structure."

"It facilitates deep meditation, promoting an inner 'knowing' with respect to the aspects associated with each of the chakras."

"Phenacite can bring the way of love, the way of heavenly being, into ones physical reality. The corresponding energy center for the stone is in the etheric body, above the crown chakra of the physical body."

She goes on to mention how this stone can be a gathering stone for working with several different crystals during a treatment to help facilitate healing.

#Reiki #Crystals #Lightworker #EnergyHealing #WorldPeaceGrid #Life #Gratitude #crystalshop #crystalhealing #rockhounds #healingcrystals

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Actinolite Phantom Slender Wand

This lovely translucent clear and blue 2.55 inch long Slender Indigo Quartz Phantom Wand, weighing 31 grams, or a little more than an ounce, exhibits a blue color comparable to a view into a Caribbean Sea. That's common among this batch of alluvial Actinolite Quartz.

A portion of the back side of this light filled polished stone has the umber colored inclusions and bits of earthtoned sienna coloring of Actinolite which is visible in luminous patches throughout the bottom of the shaft of this piece, creating a phantom in this lovely crystal. You can use this lovely stone to meditate with or place on an altar or by the bedside.

Extremely rare, translucent Actinolite Quartz contains formations of ochre coloured actinolite, a hydrous calcium magnesium iron silicate. There are two varieties of Indigo Quartz. Actinolite works more intensely on the mental and physical bodies, with less subtlety than Indicalite (Blue tourmaline or indigo quartz). This stone feels as though you are smoothing out all creases, anxieties & tensions VERY quickly, because in our experience it seems to work first on the mental body, quieting the mind, then extending it's thorough yet gentle unwinding to the physical.

#Reiki #Crystals #Lightworker #EnergyHealing #WorldPeaceGrid #Life #Gratitude #crystalshop #crystalhealing #rockhounds #healingcrystals

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Water Clear 88 Sided 4 Petal Vogel Wand

Ray Pinto fabricated this gorgeous 88 sided Vogel Wand from natural quartz crystal from his family's mine in Brazil, and inscribed a lovely 4 petal flower cut into the female end visible in photos on this page. The 4 petal flower inscribed on the female end of this healing wand is designed to enhance the flow of Universal Life Force Energy through the palm chakra and into the wand during crystal healing sessions and meditation.

Marcel Vogel believed that a healing crystal cut with 8 sides has a very special energy signature. "The eight sided crystal moves beyond the physcial body," Vogel explains in the manuscript of his previously unpublished book, The Marriage of Science and Metaphysics, soon to be published by Satya Center under agreement with the heirs of Marcel Vogel.

"It is designed to remove multiple layers of pattern which do not come out with a four or six-sided crystal. The eight-sided crystal has even sharper angles on the tips. The rate of penetration is even higher. And the precision you must work with is even more exact. With an eight-sided crystal you can link with the subtle bodies of a person, their programming, and with the total intention of that person to be free and move on their path. It can be used for difficulties involving deep shock, severe trauma, difficult birth experiences, et cetera, touching down into the soul level. . .They are serious instruments to be used for healing and therapy and for a higher purpose, to serve mankind."

The 88 sided Vogel wand, designed and cut by Master Crystal Cutter Ray Pinto exhibits all the qualities of the 8 sided Vogel wand, multiplied by a factor of 11!

#Reiki #Crystals #Lightworker #EnergyHealing #WorldPeaceGrid #Life #Gratitude #crystalshop #crystalhealing #rockhounds #healingcrystals #vogelcrystal #vogel #vogelphi #clearquartz
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Large Amethyst Archangel Zadkiel 22K Gold Pendant with Purple Tourmaline

This gorgeous museum quality 45 carat Amethyst pendant of Archangel Zadkiel, Custodian of the Holy Grail, is 1.6" high and was carved with loving care from a single large gemstone by Pedro, a world-renowned artist, jeweler and shamanic practitioner, who resides in Tokyo, Japan, and set in 22 karat gold, with a luminous purple tourmaline gemstone set into the base.

Zadkiel is the Archangel of Prayer and Surrender, the Angelic Custodian of the Holy Grail and the Violet Ray and the Wielder of the Violet Flame of Transformation, Purification and Immortality.

In Mystical Christianity and modern Western mystery school traditions, Zadkiel is considered to be the Archangel who appeared to Sir Galahad when he had finally surrendered in his quest to find the Holy Grail.

As Galahad meditated, deep in prayer, feeling his quest had been in vain, and offering up his own will to the Divine in the Spirit of the Crucified Christ who said, “Not my will but Thine be done,” Zadkiel and two attendant angels appeared to the prostrate Knight, bearing the Sacred Grail Cup.

Zadkiel is the Archangel of Alchemical Transformation, He who answers the prayers of those who have surrendered their Will to the Divine, raising the vibrations of the Lower Mind and the egotistical personality to the higher frequencies characteristic of the Higher Mind and the Higher Self.

Thus Zadkiel is considered by Western mystics to be the Angelic Custodian of the Violet Flame of Alchemical Tranformation, the instrument of the purification of the Human Mind, Body and Soul, and thus the pathway to Immortality.

Surrender to a Love Divine, forgiveness for ourselves and others, these are the keys to Higher Realms. Surrender, love, and forgiveness bring us understanding, and elevation of the mind beyond the personality to the trans-personal realms of the Higher Self, where fear, anger, hatred, anxiety, resentment, guilt and sin are banished by the transforming power of the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame is the Spiritual Instrument elevating humanity to the realms of Divine Truth and Unity.

#Reiki #Crystals #Lightworker #EnergyHealing #WorldPeaceGrid #Life #Gratitude #crystalshop #crystalhealing #rockhounds #healingcrystals #jewelry

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Rose de France Amethyst Magician Stone with Peridot Crown

The combination of this violet ray Amethyst, a particularly electric energy signature, with the translucent green peridot crown is a strong and powerful duo. Use this combination of powerful high quality stones to expedite change, to invite the angels in and the inner magician to come forth all the while staying connected to Source and to powerful Earth and Cosmic energies and your own Higher Self.

Rose de France amethyst combines the traditional spiritual properties of amethyst, associated with the Violet Ray and the crown chakra, with the healing properties of the Rosy Ray, which is associated with the heart chakra in the Western mystery school tradition.

Working on the heart, the fourth chakra, Rose de France amethyst works to transmute heartache, heartbreak and the deleterious effects of anger we have experienced in our lives, into the energy of unconditional love, healing the wounds we have suffered in our emotional body.

Peridot (also known as olivine) is the common name given by gemologists and jewelers to several varieties of a fairly rare magnesium iron silicate crystal commonly found in lava formations and meteorites -- known more technically by mineralogists as fosterite and fayalite.

Peridot is said to have been one of the stones found in the breastplate of the high priest of the Israelites according to the Old Testament of the Bible.

In the Western mystery school traditions and many New Age chakra systems, yellow is the color of the third chakra, found in the stomach and solar plexus region, which is associated with the astral body and issues of personal power, hopes, dreams, fantasies and aspirations. In these systems, green is associated with the fourth, or heart chakra, the mental body, issues of relationship, universal feelings of unity and compassion, and individual beliefs and values.

Metaphysical crystal experts say that peridot radiates a warm, relaxing and cleansing energy, related especially to the third and fourth chakras. Peridot is said to stimulate the heart and solar plexus chakras, bringing the activities of the mind into harmony with affairs of the heart. Peridot helps the bearer to an intellectual understanding of relationships, and to regulate the physical, mental, and emotional cycles surfacing in each stage of the life path.

Peridot is also said to lessen the impact of jealousy, traditionally associated with the color green, and chronic low-grade anger, traditionally associated with a sickly greenish yellow which is the color of bile, or gall.

Crystal healers often use peridot to tonify, energize and strengthen the body, which makes sense given its close association with the solar plexus and heart. For the same reason, peridot is used in the treatment of disorders of the lungs, heart, spleen and digestive tract.

#Reiki #Crystals #Lightworker #EnergyHealing #WorldPeaceGrid #Life #Gratitude #crystalshop #crystalhealing #rockhounds #healingcrystals #jewelry 

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Clear Tip Hallelujah Junction Smoky Scepter

One of the most famous sources of high quality smoky quartz is Petersen Mountain, Nevada, known to rock hounds as Hallelujah Junction.

Petersen Mountain also contains multiple pockets and seams of hydrothermal milky quartz running through the granodiorite matrix like blood vessels through the human body. At the intersections of these quartz veins, mineralogists have discovered pockets of crystals, ranging from 1 centimeter to 2 meters across. It is in these pockets that scepter crystals of smoky quartz, milky quartz, amethyst and citrine are formed.

Lightworkers, crystal healers and meditators have also come to appreciate the unique energetic qualities of Hallelujah Junction Smoky Quartz, which derive from the coloration derived from the mineral composition of these rare and powerful quartz allies.
Mineralogists say there may be more than one cause for the gray to brown to black color range of this very popular form of quartz crystal, ranging from sodium to other minerals in the crystal, including: the presence of trivalent titanium; the presence of carbon compounds; or the presence of sodium.

Most mainstream mineralogists believe that the characteristic dark brown to black color of smoky quartz is produced when clear quartz is exposed to natural radiation emanating from radioactive rocks in the same geological formation where the quartz crystals form and grow. The current scientific hypothesis is that when clear quartz is exposed to radiation, the radiation alters the oxidation states of mineral impurities found within the quartz structure, resulting in smoky quartz.

“The frequent occurrence of smoky quartz in association with rare earth and radioactive minerals is very significant, for later it will be indicated that smoky quartz may have been colored through the action of radioactive elements,” says the University of Michigan’s Edward F. Holden, in a 1925 article inThe American Mineralogist. “In Ontario smoky quartz is a constant associate of radioactive minerals, and the same association is frequent in Madagascar. Enormous smoky quartz crystals occur in the well known radioactive pegmatite of Baringer Hill, Texas.”

“The evidence given thus far is in agreement with the theory that smoky quartz owes its color to atoms of silicon, formed by the disintegration of silica, through the action of radium radiations,” Holden continues. “The mechanism of the formation of the free silicon may perhaps be pictured in this way: The radiations may remove the four outer electrons from a silicon atom, which would then be equally shared by the two associated oxygen atoms. As a result, two free oxygen atoms and a free silicon atom would be formed. They could take no part in the crystal structure since their attractive force for other atoms would have been destroyed. Hence, they should act as small inclusions, the silicon atoms producing the light-scattering and the color so characteristic of smoky quartz. We would expect the silicon atoms to be most effective in scattering light because of their greater atomic weight, and the possibility of the escape of the oxygen atoms.”

From this scientific analysis it is clear that smoky quartz, although quite likely formed through the action of radioactive elements, is not radioactive itself, and this perfectly natural process is not detrimental to the crystals or to human beings utilizing these crystals for ornamentation, in meditation, for crystal healing, or for any other purpose.

Smoky quartz has been a favorite healing stone of shamanistic practitioners around the world for thousands of years.

According to modern day energy healers, smoky quartz works slowly and thoroughly to relieve imbalances in the physical and etheric bodies, with special emphasis on the solar plexus and its associated chakra, the third or Manipura chakra associated with personal power and vital energy. And it works on the hands and feet. Smoky quartz can, over time, help to balance the flow of vital energy throughout the physical and etheric bodies, and aids in the development of a healthy, fully functioning chakra system.

Smoky quartz works slowly and thoroughly to relieve imbalances in the physical and etheric bodies, with special emphasis on the solar plexus and its associated chakra, the third or Manipura chakra associated with personal power and vital energy. And it works on the hands and feet. Smoky quartz can, over time, help to balance the flow of vital energy throughout the physical and etheric bodies, and aids in the development of a healthy, fully functioning chakra system.

It is an aid in gently releasing blockages caused by negative energy patterns in the emotional body. Smoky quartz has been used as an aid in meditation, for energy healing, and to create a protective barrier of energy around the holder, being grounding and clearing the mind.

#Reiki #Crystals #Lightworker #EnergyHealing #WorldPeaceGrid #Life #Gratitude #crystalshop #crystalhealing #rockhounds #healingcrystals

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Luminous Violet Blue Green Humboldt County Opal Specimen

This Luminous Violet Blue Green opal still retains a portion of a sandy colored matrix on its back side, which is further proof of its origins. Because of the widespread production of synthetic opals, which began in the 1970s, mineral collectors love to see a little matrix on the stone!

The arid, desolate, high desert Virgin Valley opal fields of Northern Nevada are famous for black fire opal, lemon, fire, white and crystal opals. The black fire opal is the official gemstone of Nevada. Humboldt County opals were created by the replacement of woody material with mineral deposits in very wet sedimentary conditions, and some Nevada opals have been dated to the Miocene age, some 5-23 million years ago.

Geologists theorize that Virgin Valley was at one time home to a lake surrounded by dense forests of sequoia, birch, cedar, hemlock, spruce and other high-altitude loving trees. A series of prehistoric volcanic eruptions later buried the entire area with layers of ash.

Over a period of millions of years, the activity of Virgin Valley hot springs located deep underground sent silica-rich water percolating up through the layers of ash, and the minerals in the hot water bubbling up resulted in the replacement of buried tree limbs and other wood with hydrated silica, and eventually the amazing Humboldt Valley opals were born. Naturally, these Humboldt Valley opals have a high water content as a result of the conditions under which they were formed.

Rockhounds keep their amazingly hydrated Virgin Valley opals in water. After all, these amazing gemstones are up to 14% water, in comparison to the more prolific Australian opals, which are usually around 5% water content. Unsurprisingly, these aqueous gemstones can become somewhat unstable over time if they become dehydrated.

Since these gorgeous and rare Humboldt County opals may desiccate and crack if they dry because of their high water content, this beautiful opal is presented to you in a laboratory vessel full of water with a rubber cork. To display the opal, sit it on its rubber stopper, and watch the fireworks as you observe the scintillating color play on the opal's face from different angles.

Geologists, rockhounds and Lightworkers have all found that these energetically powerful, unique and rare gemstones can be kept in a vessel of water for decades with no problems and no special care of any kind!

Opals are hard, very light and somewhat fragile gemstones composed of micro-spheroids of hydrous silica, and is never found in crystalline form, but rather in small veins, globules or crusts in rock formations. When these tiny microscopic spheres stack in an orderly fashion, forming a complex latticework structure, the play of light refracted through the latticework creates the various beautiful colors we associate with the opal. The size of the spheres and the cavities within the latticework determines the color spectrum that the opal exhibits to the naked eye.

In the Western mystery school traditions, which we know from many medieval sources, both approved by the Church and outside their purview, the opal was considered a unique alchemical stone because of its peacock-like appearance, displaying many colors.

Western mystics believe that the opal possesses all the metaphysical properties of all the gemstones displaying similar color to the opal in question.
For instance, this gorgeous Humboldt County Fairy Spirit opal could be said to possess all the qualities of blue gemstones like sapphire, purple gemstones like amethyst, aquamarine gemstones like paraiba tourmaline, golden stones like citrine, rose gems like rose quartz and green gemstones like emerald.

This multi-colored Luminous Violet Blue Green Opal would also resonate with the energy of the various chakras considered to be golden, blue, green, aquamarine and purple -- the crown, throat, heart and third eye chakras in particular.

Thus the Humboldt County Luminous Violet Blue Green Opal activates and energizes all of the upper chakras simultaneously! To connect with the energy of the Fairy Spirit Opal, simply place the opal on your altar or table, and sit quietly, viewing the stone from different angles and meditating upon its origins. Try to visualize the series of geological changes that the Virgin Valley underwent while producing this amazing gemstone like a little movie in your mind. Talk to the opal and ask that it share the energies of completely pure blue, green, rose, aquamarine, purple and gold with you. Close your eyes and concentrate on those colors. Visualize them in your mind's eye. When finished, say a word of Thanksgiving to Grandmother Earth, who is sharing her treasure with you, a little piece of her own nervous system, and also thank the opal for all the beautiful visions it has sparked in you.

Opal is a stone of visions, a stone to promote lucid dreaming, and a stone prized by artists and creative people to stimulate the imagination and trigger inspiration. Native American shamans and Australian aboriginal medicine men use opals to stimulate clairvoyant visions, to obtain meaningful dreams foretelling future events, and to connect with the "dreamtime", the state of Unity consciousness that transcends the space-time continuum as we know it.

#Reiki #Crystals #Lightworker #EnergyHealing #WorldPeaceGrid #Life #Gratitude #crystalshop #crystalhealing #rockhounds #healingcrystals
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Wisdom teachings from a Master! Observe, listen and learn!
A human birth is rare and privileged because it is only on earth that we find liberation and the truth of existence. If you have been given little material things in your life, then consider yourself even more blessed. Contrary to public belief, being given a lot of material things is a distraction and if your life is so perfect and wonderful how will you ever leave it? To be liberated, we have to leave it all behind. Observe, listen, and learn. Become your true Self and not what society says you should be. Like the layers of an onion, peel away all that worldly conditioning and reclaim the peace that resides in your soul. This world is the place to do that and it is precisely why we are here ~ Aum Shanti, Aum Peace

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Moldavite is a rare bottle-green translucent stone of unearthly origins, more rare than diamonds, rubies or sapphires.

This is a 24 carat museum grade AAA specimen of natural moldavite from the Czech Republic, which we obtained from the collection of Robert Simmons of Heaven & Earth and comes complete with a certificate of authenticity from Robert himself.

Like other good Moldavite specimens it has a complex irregular surface and a biomorphic form, which indicate the origins of this amazing gemstone, which originated in outer space and liquefied upon impact with the Earth, forming the unique surface irregularities that cooled into this gemstone's present form. 

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May Full Moon Cosmic Weather Forecast

The global spring spiritual Full Moon Festival of Wesak, celebrating the birth of Lord Gautama Buddha, occurs this year on Wednesday, May 10, 2017, the day of the Scorpio Full Moon and the Taurus Solar Festival.

The Buddha's Birthday and the global festival of Shamballa are a spiritual high point of the yearly cycle of seasonal spiritual festivals. Now is the time when spiritual seekers and initiates join together in a worldwide outpouring of aspirational energy, gratitude, love and light. In return, the Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet and this solar system provide energy, illumination and instruction to the faithful, providing us with a roadmap for the energies of the coming year, and individual instructions for each of us so we can be conscious of the golden opportunities coming our way and of our role in the great ongoing drama of human spiritual evolution.

Jane and I have been preparing all week for our Reiki 1 Class this weekend, and we are feeling the outpouring of energy and guidance from our Guides and Teachers already, along with a strong awareness of angelic presence and protection.

Since we are in retreat mode, we will briefly touch upon the Cosmic Weather Forecast, and then offer you a complete guide to Wesak and the Shamballa Celebration. This year it is vital for all of us to take the time and make the effort to tune into guidance during this festival and to be open to the energy, consciousness and love available to us at this auspicious time of year.

The Full Moon on Wednesday May 10, 2017 at 5:42 p.m. EDT is at 20°24′ Scorpio. The May 10 full moon at 20°24′ Scorpio makes just one significant planetary aspect. The sextile to Pluto makes this a heavy and serious full moon but a positive one. For the first time in many moons there is no T-square, Grand Cross or other planet-shaking aspect to deal with. Now is the time to tune in to guidance, tune out the noise and perform our spiritual practices with a heart full of love and gratitude for this opportunity.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree of Scorpio, and thus for this Full Moon, is Obeying His Conscience, a Soldier Resists Orders. This is a potent reminder that in the turbulent 21st century, as we approach the disintegration of the world order based upon the Industrial Age of Cheap Hydrocarbons and Environmental Destruction, and as belligerent nation-states and competing religions conduct wars against one another and threaten one another with wars, we must each take up the burden of leadership as individuals, as daunting as that task may be, and take a principled stand for peace and for the difficult steps required to empower humanity to survive in the Anthropocene era of climate change and runaway global warming.

Here in America, that means resistance to the status quo at all levels because the war drums are beating so loud you can barely hear yourself think. Syria, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia: Donald Trump is prepared to take military action in, and against, them all. It thrills him, and pleases his supporters. It is also already causing chaos with unforeseeable global chain effects. Nuclear weapons are not off the table for those running our country.

Let us make it our intent to be open to guidance from the Spiritual Hierarchy, Buddha and Christ, about these weighty matters of global consequence during the Wesak Festival period this year. Now is the time to begin preparations. Never have the stakes for us as individuals and for humanity as a whole, been higher. Only a higher consciousness, inspired by Divine Guidance, can help us to navigate these troubled waters.

Jane and I have been doing extra spiritual practices for world peace, as instructed by our teacher, Sri Anandi Ma, who has indicated that this is a time of potential cataclysmic conflicts. Let us all join together and make it our intent that all our practices, meditations and prayers be for peace this Wesak Festival. And so it is, brothers and sisters. So it is!
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