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Derek Yarnell
A gardener since my first apartment with a balcony I enjoy sharing what I learn via my blog.
A gardener since my first apartment with a balcony I enjoy sharing what I learn via my blog.

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MOON GARDEN UPDATE - spring 2016
Above is the most up to date map of my Moon |Garden, where 99% of the plants are white with the exception of the orange daylilies and the purple hardy geranium, making the bench a great place to sit and take in the garden in the evening. Since the last upda...

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TRAVELLING GNOME - and our first ever contest winners
  I painted this cute little garden gnome as a fundraiser for the upcoming Winnipeg Home & Garden Show , where it will be auctioned off along with 9 others to raise money for the very worthwhile Winnipeg Harvest  food bank. Given how much we all know gnomes...

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'NATURESCAPING' - good for the environment, good for me
Fort Whyte Alive is an extraordinary space in Winnipeg; originally quarry and clay mine for the Canada Cement Company, the land has been reclaimed and since the 1950s and in the 80s the Fort Whyte Foundation with a focus on environmental education was estab...

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Each year I am surprised by how green some plants are when they are uncovered by the retreating snow.  I expect them to have withered away and disappeared altogether, but here they are, Campanula and Forget-Me-Nots aplenty, looking somewhat bedraggled but r...

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One of the main reasons I started blogging was to keep records of my numerous gardens and their myriad plants, still, time can be elusive and here I find myself  2 years since my last updated map of the west-facing 'Monet Garden' in the front yard of our zo...

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2 YEAR MOVE - rose of sharon
Some landscaping requires longer term planning, in this particular case a two year move but three or more years before the desired look could be achieved.  Good thing perennial gardeners have patience. Both a blue and pink Rose of Sharon graced our back yar...

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Last summer I began to use the needles from our large Spruce trees as mulch.   Aesthetically I like the natural look (once the plants fill out one cannot see the the garden floor in any case) and functionally this reliable source says not to worry about aci...

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   This year we are having a relatively mild transition to winter here in zone 3 and there are still some blooms in the garden although it may not appear so at first glance. Bi-coloured Rudbeckia. The last of the Mums. This pansy was one of the first things...

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Even the back lanes in my neighbourhood look inviting at this time of year.  Not a bad view from my front lawn, eh?  Despite the time of year there are still some pockets of colour  up here in zone 3 with Rudbeckia and Salvia. The Echinops seed heads retain...

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What is one to do when the only flowers available are a multi-coloured mix from the check-out aisle at the grocery store? It can be a conundrum. I like to make the best of it by separating out the whites into their own bouquet.  In this case I joined them w...
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