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A U.S. warship in the Persian Gulf targeted a civilian jetliner with all of its approximately 300 passengers including 60 children aboard, blew it out and sunk it while all perished.
After controversy and protest sparked and the world became aware of Iran’s blamelessness in this incident, they made a minor apology and said we made a mistake, “we mistook the jetliner” and “we regret it”. Wow! You regret it?
Contrary to what should commonly be observed among the world powers-who do not really care for humanity and basic morals-you shot down a civilian jetliner-which should be respected and no one has the right to attack, with about 300 passengers abroad and then you say you regret it?! You made a mistake?! You did a damn thing to make a mistake!
What does that mean?! If the commander of the warship made a mistake, why did you not bring him to trial?! Why did you give him a medal of honor? Why did you, through various comments, continue your enmity toward the Iranian nation? What mistake?!
How come you never make mistakes in implementing wrongdoings against the independent nations? This is the global arrogance today! This is the US today and they don’t mind committing crimes.
#Ayatollah_Khamenei , 4 July 1991
#IR655  #NeverForget 

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Around 1979 during Friday prayers, I talked about Irish freedom fighters & #BobbySands that a street in #Iran bears his name.
Bobby Sands died after 50 days of hunger strike; UK govt who supports strikes in other parts of world, just watched him die.2/13/2004
We heard the message of Bobby Sands’ silent lips & strongly believe in it.This message is the message of the fall of global domineering empires.
Bobby Sands & exposing of his opponents' power confirms what #Islam teaches us: Glory days of tyrannical imperialists will come to an end.5/8/81

فرهنگ از اقتصاد هم مهمتر است. حضرت اقا

فقط انسان های ضعیف به اندازه امکاناتشان کار میکنند.
شهید طهرانی مقدم

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نماهنگ انگلیسی روضه برای حضرت علی اصغر(ع)

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ترجمه فارسی اش را در این لینک بخوانید
With thanks to Mr. +Tohid Azizi    for sending this experience of his:
Natalia, the eight year old daughter of our neighbors, till now has seen many women with Islamic getup. It is not odd and uncommon in our state to find people with Islamic getup.  However, the good and kind behavior as well as neighborhood of my wife Dr. +Mojgan Abbaslou, made her ask more about #hijab , like to have a headscarf and finally get one as a gift from my wife. 
I do not claim that this trivial behavior will ultimately lead to a major change in the doctrine of the #Americans but it is this very cultural interaction that will provide the coming generation with options of different behavior and policy.

Further comments from my wife(+Mojgan Abbaslou ) about this photo:
Natalia is the daughter of my friend and neighbor, Beth. Her eight years old brother, Dillon has asked me for a few times that what's this that I take over my head? I told him that it's headscarf. Then he asked, "Why is it that Rahil (my daughter), unlike me, sometimes puts it on and sometimes takes it off?" I explained to him, don't know whether he got my point or not.

A few days later, during our usual chit-chat, Beth asked me, "Natalia says that Rahil believes in Jesus Christ (PBUH). I must say here that we talk a lot to Rahil regarding different religions in addition to Islam and also about the various lifestyles of followers of different religions. I told Beth that our religion attests all the earlier prophets and I also recited a few verses from Quran as an example. She was surprised and asked that do we also go to the Church? I said, "No, we have mosques but we like and respect Church as well since it is a place for worship of God." She told me that her father who is a Jew doesn't accept her Christian belief then how can we, the Muslims accept the earlier prophets? While I was talking to her, her eyes were glittering with joy. With so much fervor and surprise she asked more question that I also got exited. 

A few days ago, Rahil and Natalia were playing along while fastening Rahil's headscarf to their waists or taking it over their shoulders and making different poses. There, Natalia asked me that how I knot my headscarf. I asked her whether she likes to have a headscarf. She went overjoyed. I searched and found a small and beautiful headscarf for her and demonstrated for her about how to knot it. She happily got it from me and kissed it. I was also laughing by then. A few moments later, they two had some remarkable snapshots with their headscarf on. I am sharing it with permission from Natalia's mom.

Photo: Rahil (my daughter) (L), I , Natalia (R)
. Autumn 2013, #Burlington , #Massachusetts , #unitedstates   of  #america  
With thanks to Dr. +Tohid Azizi   for sending this experience of his.

#haya   #Hijab   #Islam   #amr_bil_maroof   #nahi_anil_monkar   #حیا   #حجاب   #اسلام   #امربالمعروف   #نهی_عن_المنکر  

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Imam Ali (a.s.) said that we should be kind to everyone because "Those who have the same religion as you have, they are brothers to you, and those who have religions other than that of yours, they are human beings like you". People are either your Islamic brothers or human beings after all; this is the logic of Islam. We want to have a kind and friendly relationship with all human beings and nations. We want to establish a friendly and kind relationship with all human beings and all nations. We even have no enmity with the American people despite the fact that the U.S. government is an arrogant, hostile and evil government which bears a grudge against the Iranian nation and the Islamic Republic. The American people are like other peoples. 29/11/2013 #HumanSolidarityDay

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برداشت من از فیلم تنهای تنهای تنها
تحریم های سازمان ملل خیلی بده، چون باعث رفتن روس ها از ایران شد و رفتن روس ها مرا خیلی غمگین کرده است
+Amir Abili +Mehdi Azarpendar  لطفا راهنمایی بفرمایید
نمیدانم چرا باید با این فیلم حال کنم؟ 
وقتی طرف قیمت رو میبره بالا باهاش قهر میکنه (خوب اینجاش قبول) ولی وقتی کلا کار رو تعطیل میکنه و  میزاره میره، کشته مرده اش می شه؟ خوب این الان نشان دادن عرق  ملی برای هسته ایی است ؟

دوستان اگر متنی سراغ دارد که محتوای فیلم را تحسین کرده باشد بفرستید تا بخونم . شاید   نظرم عوض شد

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#Woman is adored and admired within the family. She is the pivot for the family’s in-house management; she is the candle to the family members; she is a source of comfort, reassurance and tranquility.
Ayatollah Khamenei, 2005-07-27
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