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Speaker | Trainer | Entrepreneur @FearlessFunk


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The Only Belief that Matters is Your Own

Even if the Whole World Believes You CAN'T Do Something, But You Believe You CAN... Guess What... YOU CAN!!!  

There are three things that YOU can control in life.... and someone else's opinion isn't ONE of them.  

The three things that YOU can control are: YOUR Thoughts, YOUR Attitudes and YOUR Actions.

Notice in the sentence above, it doesn't say anything about ANYBODY else but YOU. 

So...if you really think about it, the thoughts, opinions and beliefs that someone else has about you are really none of your business.  

It's their business.  And it says more about them than it does you.

People will perceive you based on their own conditioning and filters.

So don’t take it personally.

We sometimes hold back being fully ourselves or stepping out and living our purpose in a big way because of the fear of being judged and what people will think or say.

Here’s the deal: When you put yourself out there in the world and dare to follow your dreams, it is a risk.

It is a vulnerable and courageous act.

Will others judge you?  Yes. 

Will they talk about you?  Yes.

Will they project their stuff on you?  Yes.

Your answer should be:  WHO CARES?

It is what it is.

So hold your opinions of yourself to the highest degree.  

Never let anyone push you off the top of your mountain with the words of their opinions. 

Do not give those who don’t even know you the power to determine your happiness.

Do not give even those who know you the power to determine who you should be and what your limits are.

Know who you are.

And as you accept yourself as you are and as you are not, you become powerful.

You become free.

When you no longer seek other people’s approval, you are free.

As you release yourself from other people’s validation, you become truly powerful.

You will stand out.

You will upset some people.

You will create change.

Life is a daring adventure to be lived with no regrets.

It takes true boldness to be yourself fully.

People have the right to think whatever they want to think about you.

Let that be their business.

Always Remember: There's only ONE person you HAVE to live with for the rest of your life and that person is YOU.

So what do you think about you?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

- +Billy Funk 

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Facebook Marketing Tip. Cool new feature for Facebook Marketing
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How to Launch Your Pruvit Business
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#DailyFunk Episode 5 is now live!

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New Vlog is up! Check it out.

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I've been vlogging for the past few weeks, here's episode 3 of Daily Funk.
Going live with a new vlog upload Monday through Friday on my youtube channel.

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