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Kneller Fernandes
Health Blogger (Founder of, Musician at Heart
Health Blogger (Founder of, Musician at Heart

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Hey Guys!

Anyone interested in a Free Weight Loss Workshop in Mumbai?
Just click on the link below:

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How did I get From Less than 100 Subscribers to over 2000 in just four months?

I'm asking this because, just four months ago, my e-mail list sucked and was less than a hundred people, and most of them my friends.
But today I have graduated a bit, to over 2000 contacts.

No, I'm not posting that to brag.
Not even claiming that I'm a guru.
Far from it.
It's just that I have been taking this process really seriously.
and I have learned a few techniques that have given my list this boost.

That brings me to the point where I want to share this knowledge with others.
What motive could I have for doing this, you might ask?

Well, seeing what others have tried and have not succeeded or have had partial success, will also help me learn.
So, I do have a motive...I'm not exactly a saint :)

Now, I might not have the solution for everyone, but I can definitely help people with the following needs:

Folks who have been having a problem understanding their Market.
Folks who have technical trouble in setting up their blog, mailing list or various automation.
Folks who are just getting started and see their dreams ahead, but also see a long road, that they do not know how to navigate...

I want to know your challenge.
I want to know what keeps you stuck.
Like I said, I want to help you.


And that's what this post is all about.

Click on the link below, to tell me about your challenges and we can either schedule a Skype chat, with a promise that I won't try to sell you anything.

(Don't be scared, it's just a freakin Survey Monkey form)


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List of Fiber rich Fruits, Vegetables, Beans, Grains and Nuts
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12 months to a Fitter You - An awesome New Year's Resolution

Link: 12 months to a Fitter You! An Awesome New Year’s Resolution
#NewYearsResolution #Fitness #Health #NewYear

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Dengue is spreading like wild fire and we are in no position of doing anything. How much chemicals can you use daily, so here I have come up with how you can naturally get rid of mosquitoes
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Anybody who has hypertension should be encouraged to work with their physician to try various things that might help them lower their blood pressure without the use of pharmacologic agents. Here are 10 au naturel ways to lower your blood pressure.
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Ditch the "too" thoughts! "Too slow"? "Too out of shape"? Says who?! Every moment is an opportunity to do the best with what you've got and start from scratch!
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