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Gunzel, gasbag and goonatic!
Gunzel, gasbag and goonatic!

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How to double the capacity of the rail network in three easy lessons
Double the capacity? Really? I'm listening! Right well get a pencil and paper because here we go. Lesson 1.  Stop thinking about Metro and V/Line separately. Treat Ringwood, Dandenong and Frankston the same as Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo. That means onboa...

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A Quick Trip to Queensland: tram envy!
Well hello there folks! It's a lovely day to be back on telling you all about the wonderful time we've had! A funny thing happened to me on the way to the Gold Coast... So I left you all on tenterhooks wondering what might happen after Kr...

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A Quick Trip to Queensland: out hunting EMUs
So we're in the middle of Brisbane, living atop Central station, and have half a day to kill. What shall we do? We shall go gunzelling! We left Asha to rest her weary knees and read her book, bought a GoCard (which is, according to the station staff, like a...

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A Quick Trip to Queensland: landing in Brisbane
By reading the destructions in the in-flight magazine Midga has worked out that wifi can be switched on independently of flight mode, and now has full access to the entertainment app. Without headphones the only thing to do is look at the map - as we fired ...

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A Quick Trip to Queensland: the Jungle Jet
We made it to our new gate without incident - well, with only one incident. Midga had completely forgotten that he had his mini screwdriver set in my case, a throwback to the days when my hard drive was playing up. Customs in Terminal 4 had examined them cl...

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A Quick trip to Queensland: departure, take two
Good afternoon dear listeners, you'll never guess what happened! About two seconds after we last spoke, our flight was cancelled. They'd been juggling flights around departure gates for a bit, so I suspect we got the short end of the stick in a massive casc...

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A Quick Trip to Queensland: day 1, departure
For no reason at all folks, what's the date? December 25th, it's Christmas! What, so they both fall on the same day? Must be slippery! Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week. My name's Clippy and I'll be your compere for this holiday blog. So I guess y...

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Airport rail link study - analysis
So I read the official report of the Melbourne Airport Rail Link Study , which doesn't seem to be available any more but I can send you a copy if you like. Well, I won't beat around the bush - it's not a good study. I started doing a page by page critique b...

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How to fix up Flinders Street
Cross-posted from "A World Class Transport System for Victoria", which I've been working on since 2008 or so and which has been about three years from completion over most of that time. It's all in stuttered point form because that's the way I like to write...

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The Angelico Anglo-Austrian Adventure - Arriving again in Australia
Flying in a 787 is much less stressful than any other affordable option. There were no complains about ears popping, air conditioning dessicating or tiny windows inducing claustrophobia. But humans aren't designed to sit in one position for eight hours, and...
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