[Oh, The Drama!]

My youngest is 7 years old, soon to be 8. She no longer requires a booster seat and hasn't used one for a year. My wife wants to get rid of the booster seats because they are just taking up space and there are other people that would get more use out of them. My youngest daughter has slipped into a deep depression, is crying like someone just broke her heart, and has called me "The worst father ever!" for agreeing with my wife that we need to get rid of the booster seat.

If I get rid of the boosters and give them to someone else who can use them, I'm the worst father ever in her eyes. If I give in and let her keep them just because she's so visibly upset, then I'm the worst father ever, in my eyes, because I'm teaching her that it's okay to behave that way and by doing so, she'll get whatever she wants.

There has to be another way...
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