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Brian Tomlinson (DarthLukan)
Sith, Linux Lover, Programmer, Freedom Fighter, Husband, Father. Not in that order.
Sith, Linux Lover, Programmer, Freedom Fighter, Husband, Father. Not in that order.


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[A great idea]

One of my former colleagues had a wonderful idea and would like to flesh it out some more. 

I'm sure that by now we're all aware of the current state of the mass refugee migration that is taking place due to conflicts/wars in the Middle East.  There are lots of people around Europe doing lots of things to try and deal with many of the problems that have made themselves apparent thanks to this situation.  One of those problems is getting refugees safely from point A to point B, where point B is somewhere in Europe where they can start new lives in safety.

You don't have to be a developer to contribute! The idea is to use technology to assist with this particular facet of the problem, but developers are not the only people capable of helping. The idea is still being fleshed out and some of the areas where assistance is needed are:

1. Deciding on communication channels to use
2. "Field Technologies": Headcams? Smartphones? etc
3. How best to organize people for such an undertaking
4. "Field Teams" for verifying checkpoints and routes
5. Design of the site / app
6. Legal considerations
7. Media involvement
8. Logistics both "on the ground" and for the site / app
9. Translations!

and many more that I have probably not considered as of yet.

If you don't feel that you can contribute, but might know someone who can, please do share this project.

If you do feel that you could contribute, please follow the link and open up an issue or send a pull request so that this can move forward!

Thanks everyone :)
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Baby #3 is a girl!
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Wow it's been a busy two weeks!

BUT! I got my Red Hat issued fedora :) I'm officially a "Red Hatter" :D
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I haven't posted in quite a while due to being ridiculously busy, but I have good news:

After over a month of screenings, tests, interviews, and one hell of a day in San Francisco, I got the job at my dream company, +Redhat!

There will be lots of travel involved and it will be a lot of hard work, but I can't wait to get started :)
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Me Practicing the acoustic chord progression for "Fade to Black" by Metallica.
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It was all fun and games until I knew I was being recorded... :P
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Please note that as of Budgie 11, support will be withdrawn for the OBS repositories for the Budgie Desktop for openSUSE and Fedora.

This will ensure that the Solus project is no longer maintaining external repositories for Budgie Desktop. As a desktop environment, it is vital that it is well tested, and well integrated, into other distributions.

This is distinctly untrue of the OBS repositories, as obviously the Solus team is focused on building Solus, and does not test Budgie on other distributions.

In this time period, downstream adopters have worked to integrate Budgie Desktop packages into their distributions, which is the correct chain of maintenance. At this point, Budgie is now in the repositories of:

- Arch Linux
- Ubuntu
- Debian
- Sparkylinux
- Manjaro

And possibly others. Through the work of maintainers in these distributions, we respond to requests and bugs and make changes in Budgie to ensure it is agnostic and integrates well, as part of a healthy maintenance relationship.

Unfortunately, in the 3 years that the OBS repo has been maintained by the Solus team (Ikey, personally), nobody has stepped forward to maintain the repos, and we've seen no news of remaining downstreams trying to integrate Budgie into their parent repos (Budgie Desktop wiki in openSUSE says to use the OBS repo)

We're still a while away yet from Budgie 11, and now thanks to some emergency fixes from a kindly Solus contributor, all builds are fixed in 10.2.8. However v11 is a huge change, and a much larger maintenance task for packaging, and one that truly should be integrated at the distribution level.

It should be integrated by people who love and care for your distribution as much as you do, to give you the best possible experience. It should not just be a build job in an untested environment in the hopes that it might work.

Therefore, we call on all Budgie downstreams, distros and enthusiasts, to begin working on a strategy to enable an inclusion of Budgie 11 into your distributions, as OBS support is now withdrawn.

We will work with you on GitHub to ensure we get everything "proper" in our repos to facilitate the inclusion into these distributions, as we did already (extensively) for Debian inclusion.

Please, reshare, comment, consider, and let's start working towards a better future :)
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We'll see what happens, but I just completed another interview for a position at Google :)
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