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This is a Social Circle
Weekend Edition!

Are you a social person? You'll like this circle. You might even want to be in it.

You do?

Here's what you do:
1.) Add this circle to your own circles. You'll do that anyway; you're a social person, right?
2.) Hit the share button on this post and make sure it goes to Public.
3.) For BONUS points, plus one and comment on this post. What are BONUS points good for? It's secret right now, but when the time comes you'll be glad you had them. ;-)

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Thanks, the circle is growing. 
Gotta love the circles!  Especially the social ones!
My doctor told me I needed to be more social > perscription socialize!
The circle is looking great, thank you again!
You need to follow +Social Circles first. That's how pages work, you need to follow them before they can follow you.
We made it to What's Hot, my friends! Pretty high up too.
hi guyz... add me up.! thanx i would be happy if you do so..
If you don't have a profile picture you don't get in. So, hurry and get one!
I'm not that picky. I was a cartoon for about six months, though it was custom made for me.
+kester jaldo go to your profile and hover over where the picture should be. It will say "Change Profile Photo" click on that.
how can i change my profile pic.... i try it many times but it didn't...
Not me I only make comments
I have no idea what I'm getting myself into.
This post has been on What's Hot for a couple hours now. It actually overtook a Mike Elgan post. o_0
I've got a psycological disorder called 'social network madness'
You caught that on Facebook. Google+ is the cure. You're in good hands now.
what the hell are yous talking about social circles, dont need as im an iternet complier.
if your wondering what an internet complier means it means i sit at a desk all day tracking the internet signals bouncing from driffrent planets.
it is hard work watching 12 screens at once for 18 hours a day plenty of coffee comes in handy
forget the coffee i have a problem now signals gone, got to find it now it shouldnt take long, hopefully ?
 I am honored to be in your circle,   ¸.•*¨☆¨¨¨¨¨¨°º☆
Thank you so much for the Circle inclusion!  ((Cuddles in Perpetuity)) ¸.•*¨☆¨¨¨¨¨¨°º☆
one of my stupid work partner shut down the programe as he thought he could go home earlyer, but it dosent work that way, i feel like hanging him he just cost us 30 minites extra work.
I made it before midnight (here)!  I think that is four shares in a row!
We would love to get some followers for our great city!
...and sharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred!
I'm not quite sure why I did this but...whatever right? Tis the season for sharing and caring!
Hello +Rose Marie 
Hi +Jesse Giron I tried to add you, but couldn't. I have to delete people today to be able to add.....I will try again tomorrow. :D
im going home now after a long work shift, i need alot of sleep for my next shift.
I wish business pages could share circles. Boo :(
+Charleston SC start another page from the same account that isn't a business page. I'm almost certain the plus ones the second page gets will show on your business page. I have three pages and a plus one for one page shows on all of them. Plus ones are good SEO.
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