Dear Friends,

this are my last hours with the ECFR Berlin. By tomorrow, I will be working for OSIFE (Open Society Initative for Europe) and launch a project on European Democracy: "European Democracy Lab" - stay tuned!
My cell phone number will remain the same: +49-173-6134031; my mail will shift to the account will only function by mid-October)
You will find my Berlin Notebook on the website of the Atlantic Initiative; further, I will start teaching a course on European Democracy at the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg...
It was wonderful time with ECFR! I owe the institution a lot! I will always remember how we got started with an empty room in an office building some 6 years ago and a cell phone in my hand: let's go!
Now, ECFR Berlin is well-placed in the Berlin think tank community and fully established as a key player in the foreign policy discussion, especially in the discussion about Germany's place in Europe. It's hard to leave what I considered for long "my baby" - please, keep fidelity with ECFR Berlin and its new team! Yet, I want to shift focus from European foreign policy to European Democracy, so let's see what the Laboratory will become......and whether we can make European democracy happen - for real! Ulrike´╗┐
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